Another round at Don’s Donuts

By Estee Trevizo
Flapjack Chronicle staff

A tray of circular sweetness at Don’s Donuts, 933 H Street, Arcata.

Imagine walking in a candy store with the floors and walls covered in candy, chocolate fountains sprouting from the ceiling and feeling a strawberry mist upon your face as you look for the candy that you want, with an infinite amount of flavors to choose from in the lollipop section. What about a donut shop, with not just donuts, but pizza bagels, Asian subs, ice cream, American subs and lattes to die for?

Well, the good people of Arcata, Calif., have their own little version of a candy shop they like to call Don’s Donuts Pizza and Deli. Some call it the “One Stop Shop,” and others call it the “cheap and magical shop.”

As the students of HSU and the citizens of Arcata hungrily wait outside late at night in a ridiculously long line for donuts and pizza bagels, Don’s Donuts Pizza and Deli seems to get more popular by the minute.
“I call it the best place to go at 3 in the morning when you’re hungover and ready to eat!” said a fan of Don’s Donuts, Amber Herd. “Don’s will never let you down. You see, people outside of Arcata don’t really know how it feels to have someone there for you at all times of the night”

Many students who aren’t familiar with Don’s Donut shop may wonder why it’s so popular to college students. Well, this eclectic donut shop started serving the citizens of Arcata, and Eureka about 40 years ago, according to Don’s most current boss Kim Hak-Chum.

Not only do they have a wide variety of donuts, they have a little taste of everything. From south East Asian food to some mushroom and pepperoni pizza bagels, this shop seems to have everything a college student needs on a late Saturday night. Considering the fact that it is right in the Arcata plaza, it’s pretty easy to get there from Humboldt State University, no car needed. This shop attracts many college students due to the fact that many people come from many different places in California; they need a little piece of home. Not everyone enjoys the food at the J.

“Don’s reminds me of this little donut shop that we had on the corner of our high school, it was open 24 hours and we would always go there after football games,” said Diana Hernandez, a student at Humboldt State. “Don’s just seems like a little piece of home to me.”

Hernandez said her personal favorite is the glazed donut with raspberry filling.
Most of the time is it extremely busy on the weekends, but Don’s makes most of their money off of broke college students who are mostly craving a little taste of home, or regularity. That must be the reason why they have 200 or sometimes more customers daily which makes those lines that continue outside the door.
“How can you not love a shop that sells the typical cravings that satisfies all the cravings of a typical college kid, that’s how we lurk those kids in, with our wide variety menus!” said Vinai Mannorind, an employee of Don’s Donuts.

Mannorind seems to be right about one thing; those college kids are definitely interested in some donuts around midnight, which brings up the question of the year: Why are donuts round?
The answer is quite simple. In the 1800s when they first started making donuts, bakers always noticed how the center was never fully cooked. So what did they do? They cut holes in the center of these donuts, thus the round shape of a donut.

Like Kim Hak-Chum said, “Don’s Donut’s Pizza and Deli, It’s much more than donuts.”


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