Career Center helps students — well before graduation

By Tim Lanahan
Flapjack Chronicle

Many new students here at HSU might not be aware of when they can use the Career Center to their advantage. Some students have the notion that this facility is only accessible in the exact moment of trying to land a job.

“I don’t frequent the Career Center at all because I’m not looking for a job at the moment,” Edger Corona, 19, biology major, said.

The Career Center, at Nelson Hall West 130, offers help from Internship Peer Advisers (IPAs) and Walk-in Hour to do resume critiques; they hold annual Career Expo and Volunteer Fair, Workshops, and Internship Week. Career Counselor Loren Collins offered advice on using the Career Center. When asked about how frequently students should set up appointments at the Career Center Collins said, “We definitely recommend once a semester- a couple times a year for sure.” Collins then went on to talk about what might students come in for, giving examples of a resume critique for an internship.

Ivanna Tejeda, who is an IPA, also offered an answer on this question.

“I came to the Career center at the most 10 times,” Tejeda said. She then went on to talk about how it’s beneficial to use the Career Center mostly during the fall semester because this is the time when most internship and job opportunities come about.

Collins said that it’s best to start as soon as freshmen year.

“I’ve started with seniors who are three weeks from graduating and doing assessments to figure out what they want to do with their major,” Collins said. “If they came in as freshmen, sophomore, or junior; we would have had a lot more time to explore and to figure things out.”

“It’s often too late to start talking about internships and getting internships on your resume –or it’s the last minute to start looking at grad schools and making applications,” he said.

Tejeda said students should start going to the Career Center during their freshmen year to work on establishing a master resume.

“ It benefited me so much because by the end of my very first semester at HSU I ended up receiving job opportunities and by just having my master resume ready; I was able to land some really great job opportunities,” Tejeda said.

Collins summarized how the Career Center can be beneficial.

“If you build these skills from the beginning, if you consider it (the Career Center) a part of your time here at Humboldt State to work on those skills, you’ll walk out here really prepared to make it,” he said. “we can build these early on so then it makes it easier and it’s less stress for when you’re graduating.”


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