Students bask in Humboldt’s natural beauty

By Jordan Christmas
Flapjack Chronicle staff

Redwoods towering over ferns on a forest trail in Humboldt County. Photo by Deidre Pike

For centuries, the natural beauties of the earth such as lands, icy plains and forests have been part of every being’s natural lives. What makes nature so special is the fact that to most people it is visually stimulating to the human eye, the views of forests from peaks and cliffs, the view of the ocean when you go to the beach, even the view of snow covering trees in the forest.

People countless time have visited forests and mountains by hiking, going to the beach with friends just to view the ocean and sometimes just driving along the farmlands and viewing all the animals and big, long fields. No matter which way you put it, there is an unexplained beauty when viewing the horizon of nature, and people will do the same activities just to get that same feeling again.

Steven Mitchell, a 20-year-old forestry major attending Humboldt State University, is in his junior year. He is also involved in a logging sports class that deals with a lot of trees and forests as his main event in that class is climbing.

“I think it’s the calming factor when looking at forests and beaches,” said the forestry major. “With society becoming more dependent on technology created by us, I think it’s nice to go back and view something natural and generally untouched by people. It’s also a great method to kind of get away from everything for a couple of hours.”

What is it about nature that makes it so calming and enjoyable to look at?

“I think it is just the fact that it’s generally a quiet setting whenever you go a hike or go to a beach like College Cove,” said Mitchell. “Everything in a city is generally loud, cars driving down the streets and other things, but when you take a look at the tall trees around Arcata as you’re hiking or walking on the beach at College Cove, it’s an awesome view too see.”

He also talked about how more places like the forests in Arcata should exist in a lot more places in Southern California.

“I think it would bring a nice balance to cities to have natural places growing, it would also help out the environment a little bit. Yeah, you have campgrounds but I think they don’t bring the authentic aesthetics that naturally grown forests up in Northern California give you.”

Some people enjoy the beauty of nature as a method to get away from things going on in their personal life. Others just enjoy the peace and quiet that nature gives to people, and even if you’re not an avid hiker or a forestry major or just a nature fan, Mitchell thinks nature can catch the eye of anybody.

“Oh it definitely attracts people who don’t usually hike or explore the forests or beaches much, some of my friends from back home came up and visited, and we hiked through the forest, and went to College Cove,” said the 20-year-old. “My friends usually don’t hike as much as I do, but even they thought the sightseeing was pretty cool.”

Forestry majors or those who study nature are not the only ones who enjoy exploring it.

Other students are in awe of the viewing pleasure that comes with exploring the forests and beaches of Humboldt County.

Alex Diaz, a 22-year-old music major, likes to capture the awesome sights like the horizon of Mad River or the beach and forest at College Cove.

“When I went to College Cove two weeks ago and hiked up this rock that was next to the beach and got a really nice shot of the ocean, and the forest in the same picture,” said Diaz. “It was pretty awesome, then I went to Mad River with my friends the very next week and got some awesome pictures of the horizon, there is something about these forests and beaches up here that is relaxing and takes your mind off things.”

Ian Mason, a 20-year-old computer science major, expresses the same things when talking about the enjoyable sights of nature.

“Yeah the fact that view is enjoyable makes it kind of relaxing, if I’m going through some personal things just viewing the scenery gives you time to clear your mind,” Mason said. “Most of the time, it’s just awesome to view out into the horizon and enjoy it.”


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