Students consider nature’s meds

By Claire Titcomb
Flapjack Chronicle staff   

The Humboldt Hack. The culprits: damp bay air, mold spores and smoking. But how to cure it? Go down to CVS and pick up some decongestant? Or try something more…natural?

Arcata is famous for its anti-corporation, buy local, DIY attitude. It’s also famous for its devotion to natural cures and remedies. But are residents and students willing to pay big bucks for it?  Moonrise Herbs, an herbs and supplements store that promotes the natural cure in Arcata Plaza, believes just that. Employee Nicole Frayer described Arcata’s clientele and the mentality behind the natural lifestyle.

“Anyone who is into taking care of themselves shops here a lot for natural remedies,” she explained.“ Whoever created this [planet] gave us healing herbs, gave us everything from the ground up for a purpose. The residents, who range from all ages, understand that.”

What is their best seller? Alpine Meadow Tincture’s Humboldt Hack-away oil of course, which is created out of an organic oil blend. In fact, it’s not just Moonrise Herbs that sells out of the popular liquid supplement, but Arcata’s Co-Op as well. Their buyer, Nicole Tipple, showed that they even carry it in bulk.

“ Herbal remedies are the direct opposite of drugs,” she explained. “For the most part they’re benign. The students that come here to buy it are generally curious and desperate for a more natural solution to their problems.”
But do HSU students actually believe in natural remedies?

Twenty-three year-old Art History major Jessica Brown believes students believe in natural remedies, but not the price.
“When do you not see everyone around here chugging Yerba Mate?” she said. “But 20-plus bucks for half an ounce of oil to help me cough less? College students can barely afford to eat, let alone pay for some overpriced flower extracts.”

A trip to Wildberries’ herbal remedies section showed that their general clientele tended to be on the older range. Basically, not poor college students.
The general consensus seems to be that Arcata loves its natural roots…but for HSU, not the price. For now, financially strapped students with the Humboldt Hack may have to do with a $3 bag of Ricola and some cough syrup.


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