Glowin’ in the dark

By Denita Turner
Flapjack Chronicle Staff

Scramble the Clown performs a trick for Donovan Smith, 7, before the show starts.

Braless masked jugglers greeted visitors with a 30-second juggling show. DJ Nate “Scramble the Clown” Hughes entertained the crowd with groovy tunes before the show started. He even gave the visitors a few encouraging words before the show.
“I got something to do with you guys first cause we’re all together here right?” said Hughes. “We all love each other right? It’s a groovy existence that we all seem to share.”

Humboldt State University’s juggling club put on the Illum-A-Lot-I black light circus on Oct. 5. Happiness filled the air in the Theater Arts building.
When people arrived at the event, they were greeted by a friendly alien who collected $3 from everyone and fingerprinted their thumbs with green ink.
Inside, artwork lined the walls, showing cars and abstract shapes that lit up when the lights were turned off.

Before the show opened, Scramble the Clown invited 7-year-old Donovan Smith up on the stage to help him with a trick.
“If I was in the circus, I would like to be a tap dancer or a puppet guy,” said Smith. “I didn’t expect it to be that much fun.”
The show opened with the two main characters who came on stage and introduced us to what the show was going to be about. Music was incorporated with every act in the show.
“I really loved the music selections chosen for the circus,” said Luciano Duran. “There wasn’t a moment when I wasn’t nodding my head to the music or trying to keep myself from dancing.”
The different types of acts consisted of a trapeze artist, a professional hula-hooper, a tap dancer, various juggling acts and a puppet show.


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