Good vibes at HSU Open Mic Night

By Troi McDonald
Flapjack Chronicle staff

A student dressed in comfortable jeans and a t-shirt approached the floor with nothing but optimism and anticipation to wow the crowd. Using the carpet, thickened with the many footsteps of Humboldt State University students, he jumped about and sang the scales of the piano as if he were Tom Hanks in the movie “Big.” The audience instantly connected.

“When I jump here, you sing this note,” he said.

HSU students complied, perhaps sensing the essence of childhood in the air.
Open Mic Night had officially begun.

The vibes of the room were electric. The stage, strung with Christmas lights and surrounding microphones, was a throne for each awaiting performer. The lights were dimmed and when each new individual approached the stage, they commanded the attention of the audience like no other.

With such a great beginning to the night, more talent was bound to grace the stage every few minutes. While the performances continued, awaiting  entertainers sat bundled within the cozy couches among the rest of the students. Singers, guitarists, duets and a theatre major who recited a monologue from the play “Julius Ceasar” amazed peers, students and teachers in the couches.

History major Shannon Townsend, 18, came to the show with a group of friends. She said she enjoys the variety of talent.

“I’ve attended this event before, this is my second time here,” Townsend said. “A lot of the performers are actually my friends so I come in support and to have a good time.”

HSU student Michelle Purnell, 18, returned to her seat after her second time performing here at Open Mic night.

“The first time I performed, it was because my friends signed my name on the sheet but after my performance, it was so enjoyable that I had to come again. I fed off of the crowd’s energy and had an amazing time,” she explained.

    Open Mic Night is held by some of the HSU students who want to pull the talent out of the classrooms and give them a stage to express themselves on each week.
Open Mic Night is held every Monday from 6-8 p.m. at the bottom of the J.


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