One man’s trash is another event’s treasure

By Tim Lanahan
Flapjack Chronicle staff

One of the treasures at the annual Harvest of Creativity swap event.

Customer, Justin Goodrich, 27, walked over to where all the clothes were displayed and searched for something of interest. He dug his hand into a pile of clothes till he snatched a Giants baseball jersey which he proudly took home for free.

On Saturday, Oct.6, SCRAP Humboldt (formerly known as Odds & Ends) hosted the Harvest of Creativity at the D Street Neighborhood Center, in Arcata. At this event on goers paid a $5 entry fee (people under the age of 10 were free and donors got $2 off the entry fee) which allowed them gain any item that’s been donated for free. The items that were being exchanged at the event were clothes, costumes, art and crafts, paper, beads, play cards, flower hats, leather bags, toy guns, wigs and a plastic dinosaur head.

People were spread about in the Neighborhood Center in different areas. On goers were found in the clothes area, Swap Arena (which exchanging items differed depending on the time of the day), in line to get an iron press on their bag or in the open space where they could sit and relax with a coffee and bagel in hand.

Associated Students committee representative of the President’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability, Kaitlin Carney talked more on the organization and her goals with it.

“SCRAP Humboldt is a non-profit organization that tries to get what is considered waste and gets it to people who can use it,” Carney said. “My goal is to try to get the Arcata community to come together with the HSU community in order to reduce waste.”

She then went on to talk about how the HSU students who volunteered helped to sort the clothes out between the wearable and the non-wearable. Carney also mentioned the volunteers who helped distribute coffee and bagels to customers.

Goodrich offered to talk about his reasons for attending and the experience he had at the Harvest of Creativity.

“I came to the event for the free stuff such as clothes,” said Goodrich. “I am totally satisfied with all the things I’m finding.”

Private school teacher, Susan Boese also offered to talk about her reasons for attending the event.

“Well, being a school teacher, I’m looking for supplies that I can give to my students to use in class,” said Boese. “Not only is this an affordable way to gain supplies but it’s my little way of contributing to reduce waste in the community.”

Carney talked about how this event was a springboard for other events to come.

“I was hoping to start a free thrift store on campus,” said Carney. “It’s a free offshoot that would be instead of offices materials and clothes it would just be clothes.”

She also said that SCRAP Humboldt is planning on opening up a free thrift store that would be located on the plaza.

“It could be seasonal or permanent depending on the responses.”


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