Career Center boost job opps during holidays

By Tim Lanahan
Flapjack Chronicle

Third year accounting Major, Samuel Loza made his way around the room as he went to talk to an array of Accounts about life in accounting. Loza, with water and egg roll in hand, looked intrigued as well as many other accounting students’ whose questions were being answered.

The Humboldt County Accounting Career Night event was coordinated by HSU Business professors and local public accounting firm Hunter, Hunter & Hunt — and the entity responsible for not only for coordinating job opportunities for accounting students but for HSU students in general. This entity is none other than the Career Center.
The Career Center,  Nelson Hall West 130, serves the purpose of helping student who are looking for jobs and  internships. The center also runs career-based events and helps with resume building. The coordination of The Humboldt County Accounting Career Night wasn’t a just single event but an ongoing process of ways the Career Center uses to boost its job services this holiday season.

Joy P. Soll, coordinator for Internship & Job Development at the Career Center, offered her knowledge of other ways the Career Center is helping job services.

“We are boosting up our employment and Internship assistance by offering one on one appointments,” said Soll. She also talked about walk in resume reviews that are from Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., workshops and classroom presentations.

Soll also mentioned Springboard, a website run by the Career Center that posts job opportunities for students that have already registered for the website. (

“Of course Springboard is always available and constantly being updated with jobs and internships both local and global,” said Soll.

Loren Collins, career counselor, offered his knowledge on how Springboard works.

“It’s pulling in everybody that posting a job into one central place, so it’s easier for students to access jobs,” Collins said.

He also discussed what the goals are for the website.

“If you wanted to get a job on campus and if you wanted to know where they’re at- right now about half of them are posted to Springboard,” Collins said. Then he talked about how students have to look into almost every single department for a job opening without Springboard. “The goal would be to have one uniformed method where every job application is posted to spring board or via a similar method,” Collins said.

Soll also listed organizations have team up with the Career Center for Springboard.

“The Career Centers partners with The Peace Corps, Target, Enterprise and this month we are working with the Humboldt County Office of Accounting,” Soll said. “There are many local job openings listed on Springboard.”

Soll also gave information to how she personally is increasing the services at the Career Center.

“I oversee five internships peer advisers whose mandate is to get the word out about internships to underclassmen,” said Soll. “Yesterday I presented to 20 students about how to find work teaching overseas for International Education Week.”

Collins spends his days meeting with students for career counseling. The Career Center doesn’t find you a job, he said, but rather it can prepare you to go find a job of your choosing.

This was the case for Matthew Tompkins, alumnus who graduated in May and now works for an electric car software company in China. Tompkins said that the Career Center’s job opportunities helped him get to where he is right now.

“Since I worked with the Career Center for four years, I learned how to market myself in interviews and create resumes,” said Tompkins. “I also learned how to persistently search for internship or job opportunities. If it was not for the Career Center, I would have failed during the interview process.”


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