No Shave November’s for women, too

By Esther Trevizo
Flapjack Chronicle

By the end of No Shave November, we were prepared to see it. Women with three- inch long armpit hair and curly locks overlapping their beautiful legs, as well as men with masculine lumberjack beards and facial hair that we didn’t previously guess existed.

During “No Shave November,” many people chose to lazily ignore basic hygiene, and with pride, they threw away the old shaver and let their luscious locks grow. The goal — supporting those suffering from prostate cancer and other certain types of cancer, specifically in males.

“I am not a big fan of shaving and it’s another excuse to have a beard,” said Aaron Katz. “Even though people should say I shouldn’t, I really enjoy showing it off.”

Some people, though, may not realize that this event is open to anyone willing to participate… including women.

“I think it’s wrong for people to assume that women won’t participate in an event like this,” said freshman Skyler McCormick. “For a guy to have a beard, it shouldn’t matter for women to be hairy.”

Not everyone agreed.

Casual sexism reveals itself on social networks like Facebook and has played a big role in expectations about gender roles during No Shave November. One meme posted to Tumblr and other sites included a gender slur: “If women choose to participate in No Shave November, then they will have to participate in No D (dick) December.”

“I think it is disgusting to say the least that women actually want to participate in an event that is obviously intended for men to be a part of,” said freshman Armando Yvarra. “I mean come on, we’re the ones with the facial hair.”

Not quite gone is an era in which it may have been considered abnormal and dirty when women choose not to shave. Others, however, are raising consciousness about the natural ways of living, according to the body.

In “Why Remove Body Hair?” Cynthia W. Cooke and Susan Dworkin state the reason why society has such a problem with women being hairy. It is because of the social norms, and the fact that shaving seems to be considered a rite of passage for girls.

According to Doctor Daniel G. Freeman, male hair growth is good for the male body, because the process of growing hair gives off sexual magnetism to women which cause them to feel more feminine towards the male.

Of course, maybe the Tumblr post was meant as pure comedy, not blatant sexism.

“If you know it’s offensive and you’re not actively trying to offend a person with it and it’s in the sake of humor,” said sophomore Sebastian Balson. “then let it be humorous.”

Many argue that men are walking contradictions to say the least due to the fact that they seem to be open minded about woman being involved in masculine activity, but when it comes to a woman staying all natural for a month, they all seem to have the same idea of what women are portraying themselves as when they are participating in this event, and it’s just one word. “Gross.”

“I think it’s bogus,” said freshman Aaron Katz. “Shaving is totally fine, they shouldn’t be able to choose what they want to do with their bodies.”

No everyone chose to participate in No Shave November. “I just forgot about it.” said freshman Jennifer Drake. “But I heard people talking about it and I wished that I was a participant, the only thing was, I didn’t know if my friends would talk to me.”

The main website of this event, “” informs people of why this event happens,
information about this disease, tips to keep your hair growing and the organizations that are supported by this event.


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