Prop 30 passed — now what?

By Paul Matli
Flapjack Chronicle

Paul Mann, Humboldt State University’s spokesman, was pleased with Proposition 30 passing. He said that students would benefit greatly from Prop 30 passing. He talked about how students received a refund because the CSU’s hiked up the tuition this year in case Prop 30 didn’t pass.
“ The immediate impact is that students will get a $240 refund,” Mann said. “ The CSU board of trustees hiked up the tuition to start the year in case prop 30 didn’t pass. So now we will refund that $240. Prop 30 will also save HSU students from another tuition hike.”
Mann is talking about the benefits that will come the student’s way now that Prop 30 has passed. Getting back an additional $250 will help some students that are low on money and were struggling to pay for college. Prop 30 also is good for Humboldt State as well. With Prop 30 passing an additional 15,000 students will be admitted for the 2013 Fall Semester. This is good for HSU because they’ve been hoping to add more students for a while now. This should only get them closer their goal.
Ellyn Henderson, the student body president at Humboldt State University, was very excited when she was asked about Prop 30 passing. She said that her hard work paid off. She said she was working very hard trying to get students to vote yes on Prop 30 because it directly affects them.
“ I’m so relieved, it’s amazing,” Henderson said. “ I think it says a lot about our youth and the vision that the state has about education.”
There were lots of local student advocates that were doing things like walking into different classrooms and hanging out in the quad to make sure that students were going to vote yes on Prop 30. These advocates were extremely relieved that Prop 30 passed because all their hard work paid off.
Former Humboldt State University Professor Jon Gai was very happy to see Prop 30 pass because he said he wasn’t happy with the way the school systems were operating previously and he feels that Prop 30 will be a step in the right direction.
“ Prop 30 passing means that the per capita for students will be increased.” Jon Gai. “ Also funding for education will be protected,” Gai said.
He also expressed hope that there would be more teachers, because according to him there’s been more full time administrators than teachers. He hopes that Prop 30 means that we will invest in education more than we do right now.
“California is the rebel of the U.S and we don’t invest in education like we should,” he said.
Increasing that educational investment is one of the essential reasons why Prop 30 was brought forth by Governor Brown. He wanted to help not just the CSUs but high schools, junior highs and elementary schools as well.

He also pointed out a fact that California is near the bottom of the U.S in the amount of money they put towards students. California spends $8,667 on students which is well below the national average of $11,665. This is alarming and kind of shows that California’s money is being spent elsewhere. Gai added that California ranks 40th out of 50 states in education spending, which includes k-12 as well as college. Gai also said he hopes that Prop 30 passing is the start of California putting more time and effort into schools and education.
Prop 30 not only will help the students of Humboldt State University and all the other CSUs, but it will also help to get more teachers in the school systems which is something that’s been lacking. Teachers have been laid off because the schools didn’t have enough money to pay them. But now that the schools are going to get more money the teachers that were laid off will be able to come back to work and reduce the class sizes.
Some students were asked about the $250 refund being returned and if they knew about it or not. One student Vance Hutchinson, a 22 year-old forestry major from Washington, said that he did vote in the 2012 election and that he has not checked to see if his refund is there.
“ When I voted in the 2012 election I voted yes on Prop 30 because it benefits all the right things like schools, students and tuition. I have yet to check to see if my refund is there because I’m so lazy and always have other things going, but when I have the opportunity I’ll check to see if it’s there,” Hutchinson said.


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