Thrift or treasure?

By Hannah Moss
Flapjack Chronicle

Walk down any street in downtown Arcata and you’re sure to pass at least one thrift shop every few blocks. Humboldt students thrift, it is a cheap solution for a small budget, but many students aren’t only thrifting for the low prices.

Laura Hahn, 18, astrophysics major, has been thrifting for much of her teen life.

“It’s like a treasure hunt,” said Hahn. “Second hand clothes are the same as retail store clothes, just maybe a little more worn.”

The Hospice Shop, located on 575 H St., stands out. The Hospice Shop is a nonprofit branch of Hospice of Humboldt in which all proceeds go to Hospice. Originally created in England, Hospice provides end of life care for families in need. If a person chooses not to go to a hospital, Hospice comes to take care of you in the comfort of your own home. This can be costly, but with donation based stores such as the Hospice Shop, prices may be reduced.

Kelly Livingston, Hospice Shop manager, came to Humboldt for school and went on to become creative director for Plaza Design as a buyer and floor decorator. Her experience with small businesses and retail helps keep the Hospice Shop moving smoothly.

Hospice takes donations in Eureka, as well as right at the Hospice Shop. Donations are edited through with care to ensure the best items are on the floor.

“We have a real range [of buyers], lots of students, lots of resalers,” Livingston said. “We keep our prices low so Hospice can make money but other businesses can make money, too.”

Hospice Shop is always looking for volunteers to help out. Jordan Christ, 18, a marine biology major at Humboldt State used to volunteer at St. Vincent De Paul in Roseville, Calif., an organization very similar to the Hospice Shop.

“Most of the work consisted of sorting through donations,” Christ said. “Whatever we would sort through would then get put on the store front.”


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