Social networking, guilty pleasure

By Javier Rojas
Flapjack Chronicle

Sing Chew has worked at HSU for 24 years as a sociology professor and is one of many people that has noticed the increase in use of social networking. It has taken a big affect on our world today and the signs are everywhere. Whether it’s messaging on Facebook or tweeting away how your day went, the use of social media is everywhere. It’s changing the way we communicate and interact with each other. But Chew doesn’t have a Facebook page.

‘’I wouldn’t even know how to use it or care much for it,’’ Chew said. ‘’I see people always on their phones and texting, we are beginning to lose touch with each other and can’t even connect with one another.”

Chew said he believes that the technology that social networking has produced can be used towards something positive.

‘’I see it as something that if put in the right hands can propel us and change the way we interact,’’ said Chew.

Chew also thinks that social networking also has contributed to some people casting away from others. He finds it interesting to see how it has affected how many of us socialize with each other.

‘’We at times distance ourselves and bury our heads in our social world instead of actually interacting with each other and really has changed the way we communicate today,’’ he said. ‘’I see many people even find their wives on social networks. That would have been crazy 15 years ago but today it’s the social norm.’’

Many students here at HSU are always on the move and the only way they can keep up with others is through social networking.

‘’I use Facebook quite often to keep up with other friends see what they’re doing,’’ said Edgar Corona, 19 -year -old biology major. ‘’All these social networks are good but only to a certain point. Some people make it their life which is very unhealthy.”

Geology major Aaron Katz, 18, believes that social networks like Facebook and Twitter don’t have much of a useful purpose and they are eliminating face-to-face communication.

‘’It’s become an addiction to so many and is really not that healthy for you,’’ said Katz. ‘’I see in 10 years social networking keep growing and changing the way communicate. We won’t be sending letters to each other and we’ll lose that human element.’’


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