Humboldt Hogs Take a Loss To Score a Victory

Flapjack Chronicle
By Angela Edmunds

Humboldt men's lacrosse team..
Humboldt men’s lacrosse team.

The club men’s lacrosse team at Humboldt State University works hard during fall and spring semesters in preparation for competition with teams from all over the state during the league season in the Spring. Although the team began officially competing for the season on Feb. 8, they played their first home games a month later.

The first weekend in March was a big one for the team. They competed against Western Oregon nationally ranked No. 13 on Friday March 8, followed by Saint Mary’s nationally ranked No. 33 that following Sunday, March 10.

The beautiful weather on Friday permitted a good and enthusiastic turn out of students and parents. Due to illegal hits, HSU was given two three-minute unreleasable penalties, meaning that they played a total of six minutes with one less player than usual.

“I was working the penalty box because I’ve been injured and they scored 11 goals in our 6 minutes of penalty time, so that was the game right there,” said Nick Rothleon, a junior kinesiology major, “and then we never really got back in our rhythm.”

It was easy to see that once the opposing team started racking up points, the Hogs became discouraged.

“We had a good feeling at the beginning of Friday’s game but then we went down pretty quick and morale started to drop low,” said lacrosse team captain Spencer Knutson, senior recreation administration major. “And once moral drops that low its pretty hard trying to pick [the boys] up and come back from such a big deficit,”

The Humboldt Hogs left the field on Friday disappointed. Western Oregon took the victory with 27 points, Hogs: 7 points.

“We normally meet up and have breakfast together before games, we didn’t do that [before Friday’s] game,” explained Rothleon. “We all realized we should meet up before Sundays game.”

After having a team breakfast, the Hogs hit the field for a second time on Sunday March 10, against Saint Mary’s College.

“Sunday I felt a lot more confident, like the team was ready to go,” said coach Will Barton. “When they were warming up they were doing so at a faster pace, they seemed more confident.”

The game started off with goals for both teams.

Student’s enthusiastically enjoy Friday’s game

“it was a really close game the whole time so it was exciting trying to keep everyone pumped,” said Knutson. “When it’s a close game like that everybody is feeling the emotion, and feeling how big of a game it is.”

The Humboldt Hogs hadn’t beat Saint Marys in over 20 years, and they hadn’t lost a league game in over five. These stats made Humboldt’s win of 8 to 7  even more thrilling for the team.

“It was a huge feeling for us to come back and beat them,” said Knutson. “It was a really great example of Humboldt lacrosse and what we can do and hopefully we are able to continue that throughout the rest of our season and make it to playoffs.”

The Humboldt Hogs will be competing against Cal State San Marcos at the College Creek field on Saturday April 6.

“It would be great to get a lot of fans, being loud, and showing a lot of support. It’s a fun game, come check it out,” said coach Barton.

On April 13, Humboldt plays against University Nevada, Reno, and April 14 against San Jose State.


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