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Athletes looking fly & spiffy at Humbrews

By Tina Sampay
Flapjack Chronicle

flyballHumboldt State University’s Athletic department hosted its annual “Athletes Ball” Thursday March 17.The event took place at Humbrew’s in Arcata’s Plaza from 8pm – 12 am. The director of Humboldt State’s Athletic’s Department was present to make sure the event ran accordingly, but the student-athletes were responsible for the event set up and overall planning. Students from Humboldt States various athletic teams arrived before the event was scheduled to start to set up and decorate.

By 8:30 p.m the Ball was in full effect. Although the ball was centered around the student athletes, it was not an exclusive event. Student-athletes and HSU students arrived with their dates, looking fly & spiffy. Girls dressed in dresses and skirts varying in color, intertwined with their dates attire. Guys dressed in slacks and button ups, shirts and ties, fitted hats and sweaters matched perfectly with their dates.

The vibe in the air was fun and nostalgic — being another year where students and student-atheletes can dance, mingle and show off their unique style and dates. The DJ played all the latest songs which kept the party live all night. The special aspect of this event was the fact that everyone knew everyone and seemed to genuinely enjoy everyone’s company. Many took a moment to pose for the camera at a picture booth set up. This allowed everyone a chance to capture this moment; HSU’s students coming together to enjoy a night honoring students whom dedicated much of their time to school and athletics jointly.

While the event was in progress, a table was set up where votes were cast for Athletic King & Queen. During the last hour of the event, votes were counted and the winners were selected. A special song was played where the King & Queen shared a dance.
“This is a very special moment because it allows the selected athletes who were selected as king & queen a chance to shine,” said Aaron Jacobs, a third year forestry major. Around this time a circle formed around the two and the moment was focused on those crowned. After the selection played, smiles and laughs could be seen on almost everyone in the room.

The event went on for another half hour before the DJ alerted the crowd the last song was being played. Students took this moment to get their last dance with the person they desired, or danced amongst themselves in a circle of friends. Once the music stopped, students prepared to leave Humbrews with their dates. Some lingered around to chat with friends or help clean up. Many students were exchanging plenty dialogue outside the party.
“It was a good turn out this year,” said the director of the athletes club, as she helped to tidy up Humbrews at the ending of the ball.

“I’m going to the bars!” one football player shouted as he ran to catch up with his friends. The rest of the students filled into their cars on their way home, while the 21-plus crowd headed to the bars.

One thing was unanimous however. All the students were looking forward to next years Athletes Ball; along with the fly times it provided.