It’s more than just Open Mic night

By Javier Rojas
Flapjack Chronicle

A caption is needed for this open mic photo by Javier Rojas.
Christian Lesko reads a story at Open Mic night.

Every Monday night you can find Mickey Thompson at the first floor of the J either organizing performances or singing a few tunes. The 18-year-old zoology major runs Open Mic night every Monday at six. The event consists of all student performers who just want let loose a talent or just have anything to say in general.

‘’It’s a special place where students can sing or show a talent and never have to worry about being embarrassed, it’s really fun,’’ says Thompson.

At Open Mic one of the first things you notice is the distinctive lighting on the floor. Thompson calls it ‘’the amoeba of light’’ which protects you from the audience as way to feel safe and know every time to perform you’ll be respected.

‘’When you have a big crowd cheering you on you just feed off the energy and that’s what makes Open Mic special,’’ he says.

Thompson’s favorite thing about Open Mic night is seeing all the immense talent on campus. He got the job as host at the start of the semester and says it has been an amazing experience so far.

‘’The goal is to keep Open Mic going for years so students can have a place to showcase themselves in front of their Peers,’’ says Thompson.

But before Thompson ran Open Mic night the job belonged to Christian Lesko, a 19-year-old music major. Last semester he was in charge of the event before handing it down to Thompson.

‘’I had way too much stuff on my hands to keep on doing it but I still come down to help out and watch,’’ says Lesko.

For Lesko letting go of the job was tough because it was something he really put a lot of work into but knows says it’s in good hands now.

“I’m happy to see how everything is going and hope all the talent continues to show up,’’ says Lesko. ‘’I’ll still come by here and there to check up and even perform a few songs if I can.’’

One of the frequent performers at Open Mic is film major Aaron Reeves. The 19-year-old film major can be found usually performing with his guitar and ukulele.

‘’I love performing here because of the vibes you get, it’s really cool,’’ says Reeves.

Many people at Open Mic have become familiar to each other including the performers.

‘’It’s like a little family here at Open Mic and we all respect each other’s talent,’’ says Reeves. ‘’I keep coming back for them and what other way would I spend my Monday.’’


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