Hater hits the hearts of Humboldt

By Hannah Moss
Flapjack Chronicle

IMG_7804_zpseef43cf6Humboldt State Department of Theatre, Film, and Dance put on their spring production, Hater, which ran from February 28 to March 10 in the Gist Hall Theatre, with eight shows in total.

Shea King, 20, theater arts major, the assistant director of Hater said he was proud of the production. He was enthused when they completely sold out two shows.
“I was hoping if I loved these characters enough, the audience wouldn’t have to,” said King. “But a lot of the student body came out and were really supportive.”

Director Michael Fields helped adapt Hater from its original text, Moliere’s The Misanthrope (1666).
“It is a play that has both the raucous physical comedy that Moliere was known for and a darker, more complex edge,” said Fields.

Assistant director King believes the text is still relevant to today.
“Even though the original text was written around three hundred years ago, I think it’s still really relevant to people today,” said King. The plot involves main character Celine leading most of the cast on, Basque loving a girl who only loves herself, and Liane in love with someone who doesn’t love her back, its easy to see how this text adapted so easily to today’s world.

Michelle Purnell, 18, English major, played Liane in Hater despite how different she is from her character. This was her second HSU production and she plans to audition for Young Frankenstein in the fall.
“I liked my character but in real life, we probably wouldn’t be friends,” Purnell said. “She sugar coats everything and I’m more upfront. I’m much more of a romanticist with realistic views.”
Purnell was able to make personal connections to the script and characters, and believes everyone should be able to do the same.
“Everyone has their moments when they hate society,” said Purnell.

Bryanna Ramirez, 21, English major, saw the play and fully enjoyed it.
“One of my favorite parts was the ending of the play when everything is out in the open about Celine’s true character,” said Ramirez. “The vulnerability and openness comes off so real and touching that you can’t help but be moved by Celine’s loneliness when everyone abandons her.”

“I hope the student body and the people of Arcata keep coming out to see what our company is doing,” said King.

HSU’s next production, Proof, opens April 25 through May 5 in the Gist Hall Theater. Other productions include On The Edge of Your Feet, a dance concert in the Van Douzer, running  April 4-7.


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