Organizers keep balls in the air at Humboldt Juggling Festival

541353_10151617679905984_1739105112_nBy Maya Pszyk
Flapjack Chronicle

From balls to bowling pins even umbrellas everything was up in the air at this years Annual Humboldt Juggling Festival. The 13th Annual Humboldt Juggling Festival took place on HSU’s campus from March 21-24. According to Steven Dimon, one of the organizers of the event, the festival was an “enormous success.”

The event has seemed to gather a large following of people from year to year.

“I can’t say specifically but we had in my estimation more out of town visitors than ever, and greater local community support for our benefit prize drawing and headlining showcase,” said Dimon. “Everyone worked really well together and facilitated a great event for several hundred people.”

Like any planning any event communication is important and with 210 members on their Facebook page the society is able to keep people involved and effectively put together a organized event.

“The important thing is communicating and knowing what needs to be done and getting it done way, way in advance,” said Dimon. “The event is very real even though you’re a volunteer, you’re busy, and its months away.”

Dimon has been involved in the Humboldt Juggling Society since 2006 and has been juggling since he was in middle school. However he didn’t really get into the art until he purchased his first real juggling equipment when he attended the festival himself back in 2005.EVENT PHOTO2

“I believe that juggling makes a person more confident and improves their all around coordination,” said Dimon. “It’s communal, cooperative, fun, physical, difficult, simple, and constructive. We are primates who pay attention when they play with sticks and rocks.”

While festival was open to all ages, it reached out to the youth provided them with free workshops to give them the opportunities to experience circus arts first hand.

College of the Redwoods student Myra Guzman, 22, is interested in the art of juggling and has a deep appreciation for the way the festival really connects with the community.

“I have been attending the event for a couple years now and I love to watch the performers show off their talents,” said Guzman.“But my favorite part is always watching the little ones take it all in… To them, pure magic.”

WORKSHOPHSU student Samantha Ortega was a first time attendee at the event.

“This is by far one of the coolest events I’ve been to all year!” said Ortega. “ I’m blown away by how talented all of the performers are. It’s really awesome that I get the chance to see something like this presented on campus.”

Photos taken by: Elena Romanyuk


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