Dolores Huerta comes to HSU

By Andrew Kwon
Flapjack Chronicle

Dolores Huerta, labor leader, civil rights activists, and co-founder of the United Farm Workers of America visited Humboldt State  and was at the Van Duzer Theater, Tuesday, March 12. Huerta addressed the growing social issues that plague today’s society. Some issues such as the undocumented youth and the farm worker’s rights were discussed. The issues on race within America’s society were also discussed during her speech.

From the applause and cheers of the people, Huerta had lightened up the atmosphere with her empowering and socially conscious messages. From the issues known most to Huerta and to questions asked by audience members, Huerta began to speak with the audience on the topic in hand.

“From the sweat of the brow, and the work that they do, in the fields, in construction, in people’s homes, in the restrooms,, in nursing homes, taking care of other people’s children, they have earned it!” Huerta voiced while on the topic of immigration and why the immigrants deserve to stay in America.

“Not only by the sweat of the brow but all of the money that they have contributed to the economy, Social security, people who do not have it, have contributed over $35 billion to Social Security,” Huerta said, describing of the contributions of the immigrants to America.”They’re never going to see that money that money is going to somebody else. So we, the immigrants, have contributed a lot.

“Unless you’re Native American, your people came from somewhere.”

When asked how the people could make a change, Huerta responded with a little message,

“In this time of age, we can’t be cynical. We have to keep working, no matter what happens…”


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