Open House: The HSU living experience

By Javier Rojas
Flapjack Chronicle

The saying goes ‘’There’s no place like home!’’ For many HSU students, that may be hundreds of miles away. So for students to leave their accustomed environments they want to be somewhere they feel comfortable and safe. Every fall here at HSU freshman invade the dorms, many leaving home for the first time and seeing Northern California. The sight of giant trees and wilderness at their doorstep is something that makes HSU one of the most unique campuses in the country. For freshman the experience of coming to a whole new environment and living without adults is something entirely new to them.

Jeremy Davis 30, takes care of this whole process. Davis works here on campus as Assistant Housing Director and is a Residence Life coordinator.  He supervises staff members and oversees campus life.

‘’If there’s one thing I’ve noticed since working here at HSU is people like different places for different reasons,’’ says Davis when describing housing choices. ‘’One of our most popular areas is College Creek because of the great scenery, while some might like The Hill because it’s so social.’’

The various on campus housing choices gives students a different perspective when living here and Davis advises anyone coming to HSU to see the dorms before making a choice.

‘’ What students have to remember is that when they choose housing they’re choosing where they’ll sleep, study, and socialize which is very important,’’ says Davis.

One thing that makes HSU so unique besides its amazing nature views is its gender neutral living area in Cypress Hall.

‘’I still got calls from other schools asking info about our unique housing sections including our gender neutral area, ‘says Davis. ‘’We’re one of the few CSU schools to have one and we pride ourselves in that here at HSU having such a unique culture.’’

For many on campus residents the experience has been great since moving into the residence halls.  Joebacci Zanetill, 19, recreation major describes living here as a learning process.

‘’It was stressful at times but it all eased me into being independent and I wouldn’t have learned that if I didn’t live here,’’ says Zanetill.

‘’I feel like I’ve grown so much since coming here in August,’’says Alfonzo Placensia. The 19- year-old engineering major described how living on campus has helped him academically and socially.

”Being so close to the library helps and when you have the marketplace within walking distance that doesn’t hurt either,” says Placensia. ”I’ve met many people here while playing volleyball and just being on campus.’’

One opportunity that gives students a look at on campus housing is the yearly event HSU Spring Preview. During the event future students come live with current residents and see what it is like living on campus. The event draws hundreds of potential students to see HSU’S campus.

‘’When I saw the big trees I was so amazed and couldn’t believe it,’’ says Jose Vargas 17. He was one of many that came on April 12 to see the campus.

‘’ I feel as if I’m in a movie or something, I really like the school not just because of my major biology but because of the scenery and environment, ’’says Vargas. ‘’Seeing all this makes me excited for this fall to come.’’


One thought on “Open House: The HSU living experience

  1. hi, there …
    i am supposed to attend course at HSU for Fall semester 2013. I’d like to dig more on living at HSU. I’m still confused of picking out if I should live on or off-campus, so, any chance for me to have your e-mail ? please, share some experience of studying at HSU 😉 thanx,guys 🙂

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