Students find jobs as semester ends

By Avery Chandler
Flapjack Chronicle

The school year is coming to a steaming halt. If you’re looking for a house, this begs the question, where is your source of income? New students coming in means more competition for jobs, however, this small town has a lot to offer to young part time job seekers. The student body seems confident and prepared.

“I really wanted something in between going to class and coming home, because I live off campus I didn’t want to travel that far,” says Jarrett Lowery, an employee at the Center of Arts on campus. “I might as well make school my life, all the time, ha-ha.”

Lowery describes the job process as a relaxed set of steps that eventually left with a security job at Van Duzer.

“I ended up getting an interview through the online career center, I went to have an interview with Don Stockwell, who’s the lead theater tech,” says Lowery. “He was super nice, the interview went well so he ended up letting me work for them.”

The Center of Arts offers many positions both back stage and on the front lines. “The work is usually security or usher work, but the other half is theater tech,” says Lowery. “There’s not so many hours lately, but there’s a lot of employment opportunity.

“My advice to other people looking for jobs would be get to know as many people with jobs as you can and try to put in as many applications as you can,” says Lowery.

Networking is the skeleton key when it comes to job hunting, using any method possible to engrave your name into a potential employer’s mind.

“When I first came to Arcata I was looking everywhere for jobs, but Smuggs was the first place I checked out and I loved the people, they seemed to like me I kept showing up and it worked out,” says David Scarf, a first-year psychology major. Scarf works at Smuggs Pizzeria.

“I was only here for about a week and a half before summer,” says Scarf. “I’m pretty sure I printed out 50 resumes and I handed them out to every business in town, but for Smuggs I showed up every day and talked to the people, and made friends with everyone who worked there.”

Kevin Kuwahara, a freshman philosophy major, is optimistic about finding a job.

“I’m looking for something off campus, that’s close,” he says. “I’m going to talk to the career center and see what they have to tell me. I want to find out how my major can help me get a job.”

Joy Soll, the Internship and Job Development Coordinator at the Career Center of Humboldt State, works to help students not only find hiring businesses, but also give them tools to succeed.

“Any question a student has about acquiring a job, we can help with here,” says Soll. “I encourage students to come in early, and not wait until their senior year or a week before summer, when they think they need a job.”

“April is when a lot of positions for next fall are filled,” says Soll. “In general anything that’s walking distance from the campus, probably already has a stack of resumes. Being there in person is great, having a good resume is great, I don’t necessarily suggest students walk around.”

One way the Career Center is helping students is with the use of their Job Skills List.

“We have 10 different lists one of them is babysitting, one of them is housecleaning,” says Soll. “They put their names on the list, and we get tons of calls all summer long from people in the community who want somebody to clean their house or something like that. So we hook these people up, and then they make their own deal.”


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