Reckless behavior in the residence halls

By Vivienne St. John
Flapjack Chronicle

The Hill, a residence hall at Humboldt State University, houses mostly freshmen students whose renowned wild behavior has persisted throughout the school year.

Police say some students are not only not following the housing rules but also breaking laws within these dorms. According to the University Police Dept. officers regulating the Hill, the residents are occasionally found participating in underage drinking and smoking on the premises.

This has enacted UPD to perform more routine rounds within the Hill. Officer Will Holster is one of officers assigned to perform these rounds.

“It usually depends on time of year,” said Holster. “Whether it’s Halloween or St. Patrick’s Day, or even after a football or basketball game. Or it could be just a random night where somebody’s partying. We don’t always come across illegal activity …  Though every now and then we do come across some.”

Recently there was a particular incident in Redwood Hall where a young man who was not a resident was let in to the building. In the two days prior many students reported seeing him in the building knocking on doors and asking around for paraphernalia.

The students’ reactions when the kid first entered the hall was to use physical force to drive him out. UPD finally arrived and subdued the kid after he got roughed up. Freshman soccer player, Zachary Soufl, was the first to act on the intrusion.

“First he wanted to get onto the floor,” said Soufl. “Then he tried to get in my room.”

When the kid refused to leave, freshman football Nate Pascale acted, one again using physical force. UPD arrived and interviewed the athletes. concluding it was a defensive situation.

While the campus police usually take care of the illegal actions taken place, it is the janitorial staff that must clean up after the weekend. According to the maintenance and janitorial staff, the Hill has had significantly more damage charges overall, compared to the other residence halls.

A residential maintenance staff member Gabe Beal, recalls the Hill has suffered defacement such as broken exit signs, doors and windows, as well as broken sinks. There have also been discharged fire extinguishers.

“We had a vacuum completely taken apart,” Beal said. “With the shower turned on it. That was a crazy one.”

There are two Community Advocates (CA) per floor, one male and one female.  Their job is to regulate the residence halls making sure the residents are up to par with the rules. And to report illegal activities which unfortunately can create tension between the CA and resident. In one case causing a CA to be transferred to another residence hall.

“I don’t receive much slack from residents,” said Redwood second floor CA, Anna Vesquaz. “But of course there will always be someone with an attitude.”

The Hill is set up with two L shape buildings, Redwood and Sunset Hall, creating an enclosed courtyard. Perfect for yelling across to a friend out the window, even when quiet hours are in effect.

There are three levels with 40+ rooms per level. The second and third floors are coed. The rooms usually consist of two beds with the option of a triple (loft beds available) or a single.  The Hill is not spread out like the other residence buildings; it requires up close and personal living situations with a tight community.


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