The bright and gloomy affects of HSU’s weather

By Andrew Kwon
Flapjack Chronicle

From rain to shine HSU’s weather has fluctuated between down pours of rain to golden rays. But how does this change in weather affect the moods and academic performances of the students at HSU? Students have shared their experience with the drastic changes of weather of HSU and how it may indeed affect how they go on about in class and on campus.

Kyle Brown, a 18- year-old undeclared freshman at HSU, had a few words to share on how the weather may affect his general mood and willingness to learn.

“Sunny days I really do not want to go to class you know?” Brown said while talking about the bright and sunny days during the last couple weeks.

“I guess I’m a lot more happier when the sun is out shining, makes me want to do things outside,” he said.

Others however are more greatly affected by the weather than one would assume.

Rachel Wierick, a 20-year old English major, shared her opinion on how the weather affected her throughout the school year.

“I’d say it hasn’t been great when it’s really raining,” Wierick said. “I’ve already dealt with depression just on my own so I think the whole seasonal depression thing has really increased for me, especially on these rainy days. Though I actually feel like when it does rain my academics kind of improve strangely as I pretty much don’t want to go outside. I just end up studying in my room.”

Sunlight and rain definitely impact students throughout the HSU campus. The rain for example could prove problematic from students to actually make it to class.

“I’m definitely more positive when it’s sunny,” said Nigel Gunn, a 23-year-old, music major at HSU. “There have been times when I couldn’t go into the bus and ultimately missed class that day, just cause I didn’t have a proper guitar case and I really didn’t want my guitar to get wet from the rain.”

Like many students of HSU, the weather plays a part on the general mood and academic of students throughout campus. While others could love the sun and hate the rain, their are many others who might like the complete opposite weather of another individual.

But not only are the moods affected, but as mentioned above by students. Academics could also be influenced by the weather.

HSU counselor Brian McEwain, who has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, said that different students respond in different ways to their environments.

“It all varies on the individual,” McEwain said. “Some people can be more sensitive to the weather than another individual.”

McEwain also goes on to explain how the weather may affect a student’s academic performance.

“If an individual is depressed based on the weather that it maybe on that day, he/ she may find it incredibly hard or even stressful to concentrate on school work,” McEwain said. “It could also be incredibly hard for them to even get out of bed, or even be motivated to do the things they may need to do. So that would definitely be an interference with someone body who’s in class.”

Now it’s not strange for some individuals to get a bit more gloomy if it were constantly dark and pouring. But as finals week approaches, one needs to keep there head out of the dark clouds and into the basking rays of light.


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