Expansion in Arcata

By Yesenia Carrillo
Flapjack Chronicle

With expansions throughout cities and towns, has Arcata thought of expanding anytime soon or near future?  Some people are comfortable with Arcata being a small town; they don’t seem to mind it. Local resident Nathan Cornell, said he isn’t one much for there being an expansion in Arcata.

“By keeping chain restaurants and stores away is precisely how Arcata has managed to stay as a small town,” said Cornell. He said he believes that discouraging the timber industry has impacted growth, as well.

Arcata City Council member Alexandra Stillman said that Arcata has managed to remain as a small town due to slow rate growth. The county population hasn’t increased by much and there is a limited amount of housing.

“If global warming were to occur, then people would return,” said Stillman.

If global warming’s effects include making weather more desirable in Arcata, how would that impact the town as a whole? Housing is limited and the town is basically a college town.

Margaret Ayala, 17, a kinesiology major, said she thinks that an expansion in Arcata would be great. In fact, because it’s such a small town, people would want to visit.

“Since there is a limited amount of housing, an expansion of the school would financially be able to bring a higher income to Arcata,” said Ayala. “Still I think the college is a perfect size and keeps the community close.”

Keeping the campus how it is now, seems to fit well for everyone.

HSU is a great benefit. With out it, Arcata wouldn’t be as interesting,” Stillman said. “Because of the college there are activities and creativity.” 

Cornell strongly believes that HSU is a big part of the town. It appears to be that without the university, things wouldn’t be all that great for the town of Arcata. The town and college seem to complement each other.

“Both the town and college are great,” Ayala said. “They belong to each other and with out the other, I’d doubt that they’d be much.”

If an expansion to the town were to occur, things could shape up a little and bring more people, or so Ayala thinks. Maybe even boost up the economy.

“I think that if there an expansion to the town, it would be healthy,” Stillman said.

Ayala agreed.

“If Arcata were to expand, it would have a positive effect,” Ayala said. “I feel that more people would come and visit. And financially that would help out the community.”

Some locals said growth will have a negative effect.

“If the town expands, there is the possibility that the locals won’t like it,” Cornell said. “They seem content with how it is right now. There is no need to change what is good.”


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