It’s not just the game

By Logan Cheney
Flapjack Chronicle

Setting up for athletic games is no easy task. Kylee Chandler, the event manager for the Jacks, has the task of managing every single home sporting event.

“Athletics is my passion,” said Chandler. “I knew I wanted to work with event management, but I started out with academic advising and I changed to athletics because I get so excited about sports.”

Football is the biggest sporting event to happen on Saturday afternoons on the HSU campus. Football games bring in the biggest revenue and the biggest crowd. It takes all day to set up for the game. Chandler starts her Saturday at 10 a.m. and doesn’t stop till 10 p.m., making sure that everything goes according to plan with security, the concessions and the sky box setup for the VIP guests.

An average day of preparation for athletic games starts with reserving the spot, and people who would like to sponsor. Then Chandler must assign staff members who are willing to volunteer to help out.

“We like to employ athletes for the games because it helps their sport out as well, “ explains Chandler.

All the hard work gets done, guests come rolling in, and the games get underway.

Do fans appreciate the hard work and preparation that goes in to the events?

Mia Sullivan, 18, an undeclared major at HSU, said she’s observed the hard work that gets put into games.

“I definitely noticed my first game I attended, because it was my first college sporting event and I have never seen so much security and it just look so well prepared,” said Sullivan.

On Centennial homecoming weekend, the athletic department including Chandler put on a show that included a Friday night  parade with many of the sports teams that traveled from the campus through Arcata. After the game came a family barbecue and a pep rally. Before the Saturday game against Utah, a flower ceremony was held along with a Hall of Fame inductee ceremony.  The event closed with a fireworks ceremony that included songs from the many generations represented.

Chandler explains that she doesn’t think all the fans appreciate the hard work that goes into these events.

“We realize what have to do to put on a good show for the fans,” Chandler said.


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