Growing fraternally

By Justin Bell
Flapjack Chronicle

Few people know that there is a Greek life on campus at Humboldt State University. The Humboldt State chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity has been on campus since 1987. It is the oldest Greek organization on campus. But is the fraternity growing in size or is membership dying off?

President of the chapter Miguel Serrano, 20, said the chapter has seen good growth over the past few years. This semester, the chapter has acquired six new members.

“We’ve been steadily growing over the past three years from seven to 25,” Serrano said. “Before that we were steadily declining until fall 2010.”

The chapter seems to making big leaps in the past years and hopes to continue the growth. The biggest problem they face is recruiting enough new members to replace the outgoing seniors each year.

Chi Phi is involved in many activities including volunteering at the Boys and Girls club in Eureka. The fraternity also recently adopted a section of Highway 299. Once a month they do a cleanup of their section of the highway. Chi Phi plays intramural sports including basketball, softball and soccer. They also have numerous social events with either other Greek organizations, non-Greek clubs or just with themselves. Later this semester, the chapter will be visiting one of their other Chi Phi chapters at UC Davis for a weekend. The brothers are looking forward to that trip.

Active member Max Oswald, 19, enjoys seeing the chapter grow and be prosperous during his times in college and looks forward to the future.

“It’ll be nice to come back as an alumni and see how the chapter has evolved in like five years or so,” Oswald said. “ We have an annual alumni banquet in April where a good amount of alumni come back and visit for the weekend.”

After being around for over 25 years, the chapter has amassed a good amount of alumni that support the chapter.

New recruit to the fraternity Andrew Bronte, 18, anticipates becoming a brother of the chapter before the end of the semester.

“I can’t wait to become an active of the chapter,” Bronte said. “It will be great to be part of this diverse group of guys.”


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