Why do transferring students come to HSU?

By Louis Ramirez
Flapjack Chronicle

Every year HSU receives about 3,000 transferring student applications and two-thirds of those students are offered admission to the HSU. But only about 800 of the 3,000 end up coming to HSU.  So why are student from other institutions choosing the come to HSU?

Paul Walker, 21, a transfer student from Berkeley City College, really likes the natural surrounding that HSU has to offer.

“I decided to apply to Humboldt for two reasons,” Walker said. “My first reason is that I’m a big environmental kind of guy and I really like the efforts that Humboldt presents when dealing with that issue. My other reason is that … I’m a liberal studies major and Humboldt has a great department for that field of study.”

Charles Bailey, 20, a transfer student from CSULA, wanted to experience life outside the city.

“I decided to transfer to Humboldt because I wanted to experience being away from home,” Bailey said. “I also wanted to experience the rural/town life and Arcata seemed like that perfect location to go to school.  And since Humboldt is part of the CSU system, I said why not. I don’t regret coming here because I feel comfortable living here.”

Robert Perez, 22, a transfer student from El Camino Community College, wanted to continue the family tradition of going to Humboldt.

“A lot of my relatives, specially my mom and dad, attended Humboldt and I remember my parents would tell me story about it,” Perez said. “I guess I just grew a personal connection with the school. I went to community college first because wanted to save money so I wouldn’t have to take out a lot of loans but I’m just glad I’m here now.”


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