Plan before getting a pet

By Matthew Ahuja
Flapjack Chronicle

People returning to Arcata with a pet or with the the intention to own a pet often don’t think about the responsibilities that come with it, and don’t consider some pets need more care than others in a small college town like Arcata.

When asked about information on animals in the area Arcata Pet Supply manager Jeremy Barney admitted he had mixed feeling about how Arcata citizens treated their pets.

“[Arcata] is very hit or miss,” Barney said. “Some people, though, take extraordinary care of their pets.” This consciousness of animals helps the Arcata community.

Barney has also seen people who don’t think about what their pets’ needs, or whether their living situation permits animals at all and as a result have to give up the animal or work around a situation because they did not think ahead.

Shane Ontiveros, a returning student from HSU, said that he is  protective of his cat.

“I try to let her outside every so often, but when I do I try to keep my eyes on her as much as I can,” he said, for fear of what may happen in the semi-busy streets of Arcata.

Sophie Turner, a sophomore at HSU, said that she is considering a cat and wants to volunteer at Arcata’s local animal shelters. Turner said she thinks that having a pet can be important to some people but it is more important that people know they can take care of a pet before they adopt one.

“[Owning a pet] teaches responsibility and can heal people,” Turner said.


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