Students feel safe on campus

By Madylyn Tapia
Flapjack Chronicle 

Most students at Humboldt State come a long distance from their hometown to attend the university. During the transition to their new home students are faced with many concerns. Although, one seems to be more crucial than the others and that is their safety in the new environment.

The University Police Department serves the campus and provides students, faculty and staff with a safe educational environment and it does not go unnoticed by the students.

Madeline Hoon, a 19-year-old biology major, says she feels perfectly safe on campus.

“UPD is very present all around the school,” Hoon says. “Both in person and through the blue light system they are always reachable.”

Sarah Fourby, 20-year-old zoology major, also has no safety concerns while spending her time on campus.

“I feel pretty safe on campus,” Fourby says. “I have never been in any situation in the day or at night where I felt unsafe in my surroundings.”

However, if students do feel uneasy about their surroundings the University Police Department offers a number of services to help return the feeling of safety. One of the more popular services offered is the Safety Escort Program. This service provides students who are concerned about walking alone or through a certain area a police escort to travel with.

University Police officer Andy Martin thinks that the police escort service is one of the more direct services that the department offers to students. Martin believes that students need to utilize the escort service if they ever have any doubt about the safety of their surroundings.

“It’s one more tool and one more option to guarantee their safety,” Martin says.

The police are available through the Blue Light System, a series of telephones located around campus with a blue light attached to the top. With the press of a single button, students are connected to the police from various points around campus. The presence of these also help to reinforce a safer community for students.

“I have not yet taken advantage of the UPD escort services,” Fourby says. “Mostly because I know where the blue emergency poles are around campus which are a constant reminder that I am protected wherever I am on campus. If the campus did not have those, I would probably be more hesitant when walking around at night.”

Parents are also pleased with the safe atmosphere the University Police Department works so hard to create.

Carylyn Julien, a Humboldt State parent, says that she worry less when her child is on campus because of the University Police.

“I know my daughter is in safe hands,” Julien says. “When I visited the campus, I was very impressed with the police presence. It made me worry less about sending my daughter so far from home because of the safe environment created by the UPD. Also knowing about the programs that they offered relaxed me quite a bit because she wouldn’t have to walk in the dark alone.”

UPD also offers a number of helpful solutions for students with on-campus car troubles.

“I do utilize UPD for car troubles,” Hoon says. “They are the first people I contact when having on campus car trouble.”


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