Bigfoot museum draws visitors of the Pacific Northwest

By Jacob Cheek
Flapjack Chronicle

The China Flat Museum in Willow Creek, Calif. is home to one a popular Bigfoot exhibit. Glass casings hold encased footprints of the beast. Maps cover the walls showing exactly where researchers have found their excavations and many newspaper clippings on the beast.

Jean Bryant has been an employee for 10 years at the China Flat Museum.

“Even though we are a small museum, we average 75 – 100 people every summer,” Bryant said.

“We have people that come from all over the world because they’ve heard about our Bigfoot museum and they want to see what’s in it,” Bryant said. “Just last week we had people from Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Philippines, and South Africa with some even showing up three at a time. I sometimes wonder why they come from all these other places, but they will make a special effort to come to our museum on their trips.”

A married couple from Australia was there checking the place out and seemed  interested in all the artifacts.

So many people want to figure out the truth, they want to know if the tall hairy beast exists.

“A couple days ago film crews from British Columbia came and filmed for half the day and were doing different interviews about Bigfoot while they were here,” Bryant said. “They plan to have this part of the museum on their next season on the Travel Channel.”

Other visitors at the museum believe that the giant ape-like creature is still out there roaming the redwoods.

Father and son Mike and Micah Warren are from Grass Valley, Calif. and they had recently camped out at the Boise Campgrounds in Willow Creek. Before they made their trip home they made sure to check out this museum and found the Bigfoot exposition of the museum very intriguing. They have already made plans to come back and camp at Bluff Creek where the original footage was filmed.

“After what I saw about Jane Goodall and those giant apes in Africa it is very possible that a giant furry ape like creature lives here in the Pacific Northwest,” Mike Warren said. “They thought the Africans were crazy until Jane Goodall found those apes, maybe the people who have seen Bigfoot aren’t so crazy after all. If we see him while we are backpacking in Bluff Creek there will definitely be a carcass brought back.”

He pointed to a wooden statue of Bigfoot in the museum. The statue had a chipped hole where his heart would be.

“You see where that hole is, that’s where my bullet will be when I bring him back,” Warren said.

If Mike and Micah Warren hope to go down in history as the people who brought the beast down.

“I’m still ‘50-50’ on him existing but after what I saw with Jane Goodall and those apes in Africa I’m beginning to lean towards that the great ape exists,” Warren said.


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