Students say bus schedule makes it hard to keep a job

By Lorraine Soland
Flapjack Chronicle

Being a student at Humboldt State University is great, but what do you do if you have a job that expects you to work on the weekend? Or you just want to go out on a Saturday night? Unfortunately, that’s not likely to happen unless you or a friend has an alternate form of transportation. Students say the Redwood Transit System is not as accessible on the weekend as everyone would like it to be.

A RTS receptionist explained that because classes aren’t held on weekends, it’s easier to not have the bus running as much.

“They try and service the area in Arcata, as far as HSU goes,” she said.

The big issue with the bus system not running as much on the weekend is that many HSU students have jobs and get a lot of their hours on the weekend.

Jacqueline Bryant, 22, economics major and new graduate, is an employee at Mill Creek Cinema. Bryant had to travel from Arcata to McKinleyville to go to work; especially on the weekend.

“[The weekend bus schedule] limited my hours because I could only work between 10 and 5 on Saturdays– especially,” Bryant said. “But, with the Saturday schedule I could only work one shift on the weekend and if they didn’t need me for that shift, that means I didn’t get it.”

Lily Phillips-Leavitt, 26, general manager at Mill Creek Cinema, is in charge of making the employee schedule, which can be difficult when employees have to take the bus to work.

“We’ve definitely had to work around it [the bus schedule],” Phillips-Leavitt said. “Some people just weren’t available to close. I’ve always been really willing to work around people’s availability, whether it’s because of a school schedule or a bus schedule. “

Changes are made to the bus schedule infrequently.

“We [our schedule] changed on Aug. 18, and bus schedules change annually, if that,” said the RTS receptionist.


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