Crowd falls for Frankenstein

By Madi C. Whaley
Flapjack Chronicle

With Halloween in a few short days, Young Frankenstein is here to give audiences a good scare!– or, maybe a laugh.  The well-known story of Frankenstein goes a step further in Humboldt State’s production of Mel Brooks’ and Thomas Meehan’s Young Frankenstein.

HSU Theatre’s rendition of the musical opened on Thursday, Oct. 17.  The cast brought the show to life, and it seems the crowd has fallen in “deep love” with the performance. The show is chock full of puns, innuendos, lively musical numbers and an energetic cast.

Director Rae Robinson is overjoyed with the results.

“[Opening night] was perfect!” Robinson said.  “We had a full audience.  They liked all the characters and the humor.”

The creator of the Frankenstein legend, Victor Frankenstein, has passed away and his grandson, the last living Frankenstein, moves into Victor’s former estate and ends up joining ‘the family business.’  With the help of his new stooge Igor, his lab assistant Inga, and his new housekeeper Frau Blücher, he brings a dead man back to life, and in turn accidentally scares an angry Transylvanian mob.

Alex Tasker, visiting HSU from Sacramento, said he’s one of the many who enjoyed the musical.

“A wonderful show for a laugh,” Tasker affirmed.

The hard work of the cast and crew seems to have paid off.  Audiences responded with chuckles and applause as new characters were introduced.

“Dr. Frankenstein shines with his comedic timing,” said Tasker.  “He’s a strong singer and owns his character on stage.”

It was evident throughout the performance that the audience enjoyed it.  The smiles on their faces as the show progressed, the laughter that filled the theatre, and the excited chatter in the halls during the intermission and after the show were sure signs of a pleased crowd.

Jazmyn Mendez, a freshman at HSU, had positive things to say as well.

“It was a great first experience of the theater company,” Mendez said.

HSU Theatre performed Young Frankenstein for two weekends.  Opening night was Oct. 17, followed by performances on Oct. 18-20 and 24-27.  Almost every show had a full house and according to Robinson, the positive feedback has been consistent.


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