Old Town Monster Walk sweeps the streets

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By Ryan Egan
Flapjack Chronicle

Masked cleaners gathered at Halvorsen Park on a crusade to rid the waste that litters Waterfront Drive in Eureka. Volunteers came dressed in costumes and masks in seasonal spirit with bags on hand to gather waste and refuse for a good cause. The Monster Walk was the first event organized by the Jah Love project started by freelance photographer Kody Remala.

“We want to give back to the community,” said Remala. “Jah Love is about artists coming together and doing something to help out our community. Our donations for this event will benefit Six Rivers Planned Parenthood, and we hope to do a lot more events like this next year.”

Each community event planned by Jah Love will have photo shoots, portraits and art shows which will raise money for a different community outlet every month.

“From the funds we raise 60 percent goes towards the artist, 20 percent to Jah Love and 20 percent back to the community,” said Remala.

The costumed volunteers picked up a large amount of trash near the Humboldt Aquatic Center where they found a transient camp. Items found included a broken parasol, a traffic cone, a full set of keys and drug  paraphernalia. A sign made by the transients warned that any theft of items there would not go unpunished.

“It’s so sad to see our beautiful landscape in this state,” said Jennica Remala. “The people we cleaned up after could stay at the mission or a homeless shelter but they chose to litter our waterfront with their garbage and their leftover syringes. I hope these people can reconnect with our community and hopefully our cleaning efforts might persuade them to strive for a better lifestyle.”


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