Ready to be open, at open mic night


By Logan Cheney
Flapjack Chronicle

Blondie’s Restaurant may be known for it’s “poor student” sandwich, but on that fades away on Thursdays during weekly open mic night. Open mic night gives the chance for many to put all their nerves aside and perform either a poem, song or something original and creative.

Brett Pinar, 22, Humboldt county resident, is the one who started open mic night at this small hideaway off LK Wood drive.

    “When I moved up here, I wanted to meet people who played music as well, I wanted to become social and commit to something that I had never done before,” Pinar said. Blondie’s open mic night has run for two years, Pinar credits the success on the fact that it is located close to the college campus. “I think the success has a lot to do with the younger crowd coming from the HSU campus, Pinar said, “it gives them a chance to concentrate on something and it is walking distance.”

Two weeks ago,Blondie’s hosted its biggest crowd of 100 people. It takes a lot to perform in front of many students that one may not know.

Faith Yakovleva, 18, math major, recite a newly written poem. Yakovleva who is from Sacramento said that this  is not something new to her, she used to perform at many coffee shops who offered open mic night back in her home town.

“When I first did it, it was a spur of the moment kind of thing that I really enjoyed, so when I moved here I wanted to find something just like it,” said Yakovleva.

She enjoys doing something out of the box. Being how it was her first time performing at Blondie’s, she decided to recite a poem she had recently written. It was about how people have always chosen her path for her, except for her.

When she went to sit back down, a couple members of the audience ask her if she could email them the poem due to its creativity.

“I know I just did a poem, but overall I thought I was successful,” said Yakovleva

Alexi Craig, 18, zoology major, attended Blondie’s for the first time on Thursday

“It was quite an experience going, even though I just sat and watched the performers,” said Craig. ” It kind of motivated to maybe get up there next time and perform something. Even though I know I won’t it was still really enjoyable watching everyone who tried.”


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