Say YES to Fall Fest

By Annamarie Rodriguez
Flapjack Chronicle

A person dressed up for the event.

Various super heroes, animals, vampires, rock climbers and even Pablo Picasso all came together Monday night in the Kate Buchanan room to kick off another year of working together. And while their collaboration is not to fight crimes, it is to help better the Humboldt community.

The YES house put on a fall festival which brought all their organizations together. Every club within the YES house put on different skits or acts to demonstrate what their club represents. From a rap production to breaking out into the Harlem Shake, the YES house brought a fun way to educate other clubs about their program.

“The costumes were creative, the different foods were amazing, and the event was so cool”  18-year-old, cellular-molecular biology major, Lorena Thobaben said.

Hand-in-Hand member Elana Brito, 18-year-old psychology major, expressed what their group meant to them through a poem.

“My role was to say a specific stanza from the poem on friendship,” Brito said.

While some read poems and created an act within their group, some were more interactive. Lauren Ramirez, 19-year-old film major, is a member of the environmental education program. Her club taught everyone how to make flower pens out of tissue paper, a pen, scissors, and glue. But her favorite program performance was not her own.

“My favorite performance was alternative mentoring program,” Ramirez said. “Toward the end of their heartwarming, silly skit they performed the Harlem Shake. It was awesome!”

The performances were not the only main attraction of the event but also the variety of food. Ceviche, enchiladas, mashed potatoes, macaroni and green bean casserole created some buzz throughout the night but what really drew attention was the dessert. There was so many dessert options that there was a whole table designated for desserts only. The table had an assortment of brownies, cookies, cupcakes and red velvet cake.

“My favorite desert was the chocolate vegan cupcakes,” Ramirez said. “They were bomb!”

Each club represented each other by what they wore. No one came without dressing in their groups theme. While some were dressed in superhero costumes others came in crazy pajamas. And although there was not a costume contest some wished there were.

“The program consultants costume was my favorite, he was a vampire — Dracula,” Thobaben said. “His evil glasses really sold it.”

But with every event the YES House puts on, the importance of the festivities were not forgotten.

“I think this event is important to open everyone’s eyes about the opportunities to give back to the community,” Brito said.

However it was not only to recognize that there is a need to help the community but to also congratulate those who were becoming an active member of the community. And this event was the perfect time to remind everyone of the positive results they were producing by just volunteering a couple hours a week.

“So many people are unaware of all the programs at YES and the great things they do for the community,” Ramirez said. “We all have to appreciate our hard work and that is exactly what YES fest offers to the people who help keep it going.”


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