Tap dance your way to Young Frankenstein

By Stephanie Rossano

Flapjack Chronicle

“It’s Franken-STEEN!,” said actor, Erik Standifird, played as Dr. Fredrick Frankenstein in HSU’s remake of Mel Brook’s Young Frankenstein, The Musical. This production has performed in Gist Hall since Oct. 17, reminding its audience of the eerie scientist who attempted to animate a dead body, but instead created a monster.  With the direction from Rae Robison (director) and Elisabeth Harrington (musical director), this remake has the crowd laughing from its naughty and juvenile humor to awing to the innocence of “deep” love, as sung in the musical.

Local attendee, Ruthanne de Mirjyn, was grateful for the performance.

“Every single person is filled with enthusiasm and energy,” Mirjyn, an Arcata resident, said.

This is the first university to uphold the performance rights to remake Mel Brook’s Young Frankenstein. This production is also participating in The Kennedy center American College Theater Festival. It’s not the first time HSU has competed in KCACTF, but as Robison has shared, this production will perform in the JVD in February if chosen.

“We designed the set to travel,” Robison said, “like a touring show.”

The set is built to fit in a truck. The set is constantly renewed by each scene to fit the part and still, there is no delayed moment while Paul Cummings conducts the musicians in the background.

“It totally deserves to go on the road,” Olivia Zotter, 20, biology major, said.

Other than the ending, the mystery remains exclusive to attendees who Frankenstein’s monster plays. Narrowing it to a local, well-known performer.

Although there has been limited seating, the production has booked double shows, which will still be available on Oct. 26 and 27 at 2 p.m..


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