Marchers oppose Monsanto, GMO in Eureka

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By Zirui Dang
Flapjack Chronicle

On Oct. 11,  there was a march about opposing Monsanto in Eureka. Lots of people get together, held signs and yelled slogans to oppose the Monsanto Company.

  Monsanto Company is a international agricultural biotechnology corporation in Creve Coeur, Missouri. This company is paying much attention to the GMO (genetically modified organism). In the whole American market, these kinds of products more than 90 percent belong to Monsanto Company. Meanwhile, the company produces the chemical products like pesticides.

  One worry for critics is that GMO destroyed the flora in human intestines, which are really important for us because we absorb nutrition from them. Ashley Michelle, a nutritionist, has serious concerns about GMO.

  ”People’s general unawareness of the fact that all corn, and almost all soy that are organic is GMO,” Michelle said. “But regarding the corn, there is insecticide injected to it. Now you know we carry three to four pounds of [bacteria] in our gut. We rely on that to absorb our nutrients, and we have symbiotic relationship with them. It is found that the SBT is killing our flora, without which we won’t survive.”

  The march against Monsanto has occurred in over 360 cities including Eureka. Marching people here walked together and yelled, “ G-M-O’s have got to go.” Most of them had signs with them. Some logos were emphasized many times like “Monsanto=death” and “Hell No Monsanto.” In the very begin of the crowd, these was a big title, “In our unity, stop Monsanto.” There were also many children in crowd.

  Cheyenne Chance , a student in Eureka middle school, said he wants all of people to aware of the harm about GMO.

  “I am trying to get kids to research this and some kids have taken time to do this, but some haven’t,” he said. “So, I think we need to get more people to be aware of this. I would like to see people completely stop GMO and completely go organic, so Monsanto is going out of business, and we are all eating healthy and we do not need genetic modified food.”

  Monsanto also brings disaster for animals. Some insects eat the GMO crops that have pesticide inside will be killed, especially bees and butterflies.

  “I think it is the time that the industrial complex stays out of our food so that we can be healthy, our bees can be healthy,” a bee keeper Eric Jackson said. “ With the introduction of GMO, that has insecticide within the plant, there is untold number of things that it does to the bees. The biggest thing it does is it disrupts its natural function. When they do not return to the hive, they die in the wild, they are lot from us, and we lose their gift of pollination of our entire plane.”


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