Making a trip to the Pumpkin Patch

By Caledonia Gerner
Flapjack Chronicle

Impossible Acres pumpkin patch is run by a local farm in Davis, Calif.  Impossible Acres Pumpkin Patch is always full of uncontrollable elementary kids, college students and parents.

Benjamin Kimmel, 11-year-old student at Emerson Jr. High has been going to Impossible Acres since he was in pre school. He is always excited to pick out a pumpkin and play with the animals.

“I don’t even remember the first time I went to the pumpkin patch,” Kimmel said. “I think I go every year, I think every elementary school in Davis takes their students on the pumpkin patch field trip  If you grew up here you must have gone to this pumpkin patch.”

Jessica Yeo, 18-year-old college student at Sacramento City College, said she totally loves going to Impossible Acres pumpkin patch, it is right in town. She loves all the baby animals and that pumpkins remind her of the fall season.

“I like to go to the pumpkin patch because they have the cutest baby animals,” Yeo said. “From kittens to baby goats to baby ducks, it’s really fun getting to see baby animals that you don’t see very often. I also like going because I like being around all the pumpkins. It reminds me of the fall season which I love.”

Just like a lot of the kids that were at the pumpkin patch, Yeo remembers the first time she ever went was on a field trip with her elementary school. Now she mostly goes with friends and or family.

“I started going to the pumpkin patch when I was a little girl,” Yeo said. “I don’t remember what exact age but I do remember going on class field trips in elementary school! I would normally go with my friends or my mom because she likes to see the baby animals too!”

Yeo  thinks that Impossible Acres pumpkin patch should stay in the Davis area. Kids really look forward to going and the price is really good. 

“I definitely think Impossible Acres should stay in our area because children love to go and I think many kids look forward to it around this time of year,” Yeo said. “Also the price is totally reasonable! It’s only $3 for the petting zoo.”

If there was one thing that they could add or change about the pumpkin patch Yeo wishes they could add a corn maze for some of the older kids because the closest one is 30 minutes away.

“I wish this pumpkin patch had a corn maze,” Yeo said. “I thought about it a lot this year. Older kids love corn mazes and the closest one is about 30 minutes away so having a corn maze in Davis would be the best! They would make a lot of money off of it.”

Why do pumpkin patches make everyone so happy?

“I think pumpkin patches make kids happy because it puts them into the Halloween spirit,” Yeo said. “The animals and picking out your favorite pumpkin is something that makes a lot of people happy, and the adults are happy when their children are happy!”


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