New beers quench thirst at Fall Fever Beerfest

By Jacob Cheek
Flapjack Chronicle

Every year the Redwood Curtain has the festival to introduce new beers for the upcoming fall season at its Fall Fever Beerfest. People were everywhere. The tasting room at the Redwood Curtain had little to no space to move around. It was a packed house.

Kristen Woodsmith has worked at the Redwood Curtain for two and a half years and understands how much people love their beer.

“We have this event every year to bring out our fall beers,” Woodsmith said. “People come to our event and are excited about the new beers we brew.”

Everyone had a smile on his or her face and seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Chelsy Corcoran is a 21-year-old psychology student at Humboldt State. Corcoran sounded excited about being there.

“I come here because the Redwood Curtain has great choices of beer and the people here are all so awesome,” Corcoran said.

The Redwood Curtain Brewery is in an odd location but that doesn’t stop people from coming to have a beer.

“People come to Redwood Curtain because it is off the beaten path,” James Brown said. “It’s in Arcata, they have the best beer, it’s close by and people can come here to get away from the plaza every now and then,”

Brown works next door to the Redwood Curtain tasting room at a publishing department but is always at the Redwood Curtain helping out.

It was a busy night for the brewery. People were buying beers left and right. The bartenders were working non-stop.

“Working here gets me excited because the people who come here get so excited about our beer,” Woodsmith said.

More people piled into the Redwood Curtain as the night went on. The brewery had many new beers on tap such as; Ten Pound Pilsner,Oktoberfest, beligan porter, and the Down Under Pale Ale and many more. People were going back for more and more. A few of the new beers had gained some popularity throughout the night.

“The pilsner seemed to be the most popular choice tonight,“ Brown said.

Even the people working at the Redwood Curtain had their favorite.

“Personally my favorite had to be the Oktober Harzen,” Woodsmith said.

Redwood Curtain List of Fall Beers:

10 Pound Pilsner (aka Dutch Bier 5/1)



Oktoberfest (aka Marzen)

Dusseldorf Altbier

Imperial Golden Ale

Belgian Porter

Dry Irish Stout


Down Under Pale Ale

India Pale Ale

Alpha Gambrinus Double IPA

For more information on the Redwood Curtain, visit their website at:


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