Communication Club game night is fun for all majors

Students listening to Sam Berry telling his Once Upon a Time story.
Students listening to Sam Berry telling his Once Upon a Time story.

By Tiffany Longcor
Flapjack Chronicle

If you were to walk by the Great Hall on Friday, Oct. 18, you would have been enticed to come in. The sound of laughter, the smell of pizza, and seeing friends high-fiving after a win, were all part of the HSU Communication Club’s second annual night of Communication Through Gaming.

The night included games of all varieties, from board games, to table top games, to video games. The evening began at 5 p.m. in the Great Hall and ended at around 9 p.m. and was full of fun, snacks and friendly people.

Emmy Searles, 20, Communication Club president, decided to put the event on. 

“It’s really fun and it gets people involved in a non- academic way,” Searles said.

Approximately 15 people filtered in and out throughout the evening. The attendees wandered around and could partake in whatever games they wanted. Searles had the event in the Great Hall, so that way not only the people who know about the event show up, but also the people who are just going in there to hang out can join in on the fun.

Phil Bernard, a 23-year-old communication major, helped to set up the event.

“Emmy and I organized the event,” said Bernard.  “We both created the posters and I brought a lot of the games,”

A lot of the games were not the average board games you would think of when going to a game night. A game called “Once Upon a Time” was popular. Each player gets a card that has her or his own happily ever after that they have to get to, while the entire group tells the story with other story telling cards.

“It’s a card game where you create your own fairy tale, get your own happy ending, while stopping everyone else from getting theirs,” said Searles, explaining the game.

It was Ryan Hickey’s, a 23-year-old political science major, favorite game of the evening.

“It’s a lot of fun,” said Hickey. “The games are really creative or at least just very non-typical and it’s just really cool.”

Alongside the non-typical games were some classics. Bernard brought his Nintendo ’64 so the students could enjoy playing some of their childhood favorites. Several of the students played Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. for a while, getting very competitive, but still remaining good natured.

While some were playing on the Nintendo, others were playing Cards Against Humanity, which is essentially Apples to Apples for college students. Instead of just general word associations, like in Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity has references to pop culture and dirty jokes. You could hear the laughter of the players playing Cards Against Humanity over the groans of the players who had lost another round of Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros. to Bernard.

To end the evening there was a tournament of Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle played on the original PlayStation. This game included picking out teams of characters from the shows and movies of Dragon Ball Z to duel each other to the death. All of the players agreed to have certain types of characters in their team, such as having a team of all villains, or all aliens, to make it more interesting.

Five different players competed in the tournament, including Bernard and Hickey. The competition lasted for almost an hour and you could hear quite a bit of smack talk as it commenced.

In the end, Hickey came out as the champion. He cited his many hours of playing Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle as a freshman as the reason for his victory.

Searles was happy with how the event turned out. She is considering doing another game night this semester because everyone had such a great time. Searles was especially pleased that Communication Through Gaming got new communication majors involved in the club, and that  several non-communication majors  attended the event.

“It was a really successful night,” Searles said. “I think it would be a great idea to this again, and hopefully get even more people involved!”


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