Friday night free? Barn dance the night away!

By Lorraine Soland
Flapjack Chronicle

For a Friday once a month, the Humboldt Folklife Society puts on a barn dance where those of the Humboldt County area join to listen to music, dance, and have a good time.

As you walk into the Redwood Raks dance studio, you are welcomed at the door, pay $6, and walk in. The room has stringed lights hung up on the walls, and an empty dance floor. Everyone sits against the wall as they wait for the music to start. The caller, Sue Moon, who is in charge of leading the dances and calling out the dance moves, announces that it’s time to dance, which is when everyone stands up and moves towards the dance floor.

The band comprised of two men play up-beat, fun country music with the violin and piano. Everyone is light on their feet, and you can’t help but have a skip in your step as you dance.

“This is my first time. It was a very fun,” said Randy Terra. ” I came because if you’re kind of timid about dancing this kind of structured dancing is fun.”

You don’t need to be worried about having a partner or knowing how to dance. Moon has you teaches you the dance before every song, has you practice it, and then when the music starts, calls out the dance steps as you go!

The barn dancing had previously been at the Veteran’s Hall in Arcata, but just recently moved to the Redwood Raks dance studio. When asked where he preferred the barn dancing, avid barn dancer, Bruce Hitchke, said, “I like the Veteran’s Hall more, but I come here pretty often.”

It’s great to know that even with the change of venue, barn dancers are still following the Humboldt Folklife Society’s event. The caller, Sue Moon, loves what she does.

Moon has been a caller on and off for 15 or 20 years. “I’ve been a caller for all different dances,” she said. I was raised on this kind of dancing, and my mother taught it.”

When discussing the move from the Veteran’s Hall to Redwood Raks, Moon had a very positive attitude about it, and loves the new venue.

“Redwood Raks is becoming the hot dance spot in town and it has great lighting,” said Moon, “Great ambiance already set up.”

If you have free time on a Friday night, check out barn dancing at Redwood Raks! It will be worth your while and will give you nothing more than the time of your life!


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