Lambda Theta Alpha sorority hosts benefit fashion show

By Yesenia Carrillo
Flapjack Chronicle

St. Jude Benefit Fashion Show was held on Oct. 12. This is the third year that Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, has held the benefit fashion show for St. Jude hospital. And they hope to continue the tradition for years to come.

Catherine Lamb, 23.  who is part of the sorority, said this event began in the fall of 2011 and has since continued.

“I was in an interest group and we wanted to find a way to raise as much money as we could possibly could,” said Lamb. “We are dedicated to our philanthropy.”

The fashion show drew quite a crowd and a lot of laughter. There was applause after applause and fun going on. It’s a good cause as to why they have these fashion shows. All the money fund raised goes to St. Jude hospital and the patients in need.

Dung Pham said she has a great time and the cause was worthy of it.

.“I like it,” Pham said. “And all of the money goes to the children in need.”

She wasn’t the only one to enjoy the show; many others seemed content with what was going on and what it was heading towards.

“I think it’s something very great that we’re doing — taking time out of regular life to do this,” said Lamb. “It’s nerve wracking and takes time but it’s worth it.”

Some thought of the event to be just okay but not spectacular.

“I thought it was interesting but I also thought there could have been more interactions,” said Ayala.

Pham called the show a success and said it would continue.

“Oh yeah. Definitely! For it being their third year they have accomplished and succeed,” said Pham.

Lamb hopes to continue it every year.

“We’ll do our best to have it every year,” said Lamb.

“Like I said they have it for a good cause but I don’t see the crowds getting any larger than what I saw,” said Ayala. “Still I believe that they will continue to put it on and appreciate what they get.”

The event they put on helps them raise money for the hospital and the children but there are other contributors to this wonderful cause.

“We get a lot of donations from locals and that helps us out as well,” said Lamb.

Lamb said this fashion show has improved over the last two.

“We learned how to organize and how to get participation from students and business. We have improved from our first two shows,” said Lamb.

Regardless of the amount of people the show is still held for the hospital and children in need. All of the money that they make that night goes straight to the hospital. St. Jude does not charge parents for their children.

“The hospital receives a lot of donations but the more help they can receive the better. That’s how they benefit from the show, because what we make that night we give to them,” said Lamb.


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