Why people go to the Farmer’s Market

By Ian Cochran
Flapjack Chronicle

The sounds of the live band playing, the bustle of people trying to grab all the produce they can, oh and what’s that? Is that a whiff of freshly made waffle cones? This all happens at the Farmer’s Market, held locally in Arcata every Saturday. The square fills up with vendors ranging from honey to flowers to food. Everything sold at the farmers market is organic and fresh. No preservatives here that’s for sure.

The Farmer’s Market is a place for people to gather and shop for great food and items at a good price. The crowd always contains a mixture of the local scene with the college students and people who live around and in Arcata. Hanging around the plaza are the ever present transients, but they do their own thing. The buzz of  live music draws dancers and other people into the square.

The vendors are who supply all the foods and products to the people. Kelly, who works for Shakefork Community Farms, said that there are many reason they come to the Farmer’s Market in Arcata.

“The location is why we travel to the Farmer’s Market,” Kelly said. “We also sell certain products more at other markets than others.”

But why do people come to the farmers market? Marisa Finlayson, a 19-year-old student, said she comes for a variety of reasons.

“I go to the Farmers Market because it bring people together with different types of interests,” Finlayson said. “The live music allows those who don’t want to purchase anything the opportunity to come and join in the Farmer’s Market festivities for free.”

While some people like Finlayson come for the live music, and others come for things they need.

Kallie Sorenson, an HSU student, comes to not only take in the music but for the food as well.

“I go for the fresh food and for the people watching,” Sorenson said. “If music is playing I will listen to it if I like it, but I don’t usually go for the music.”

While some people enjoy the live music, others enjoy meeting up with friends and hanging out at the Farmer’s Market. Some people enjoy the fresh food and flowers.


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