Carving it up with the HSU Psychology Club

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By Vita Romano
Flapjack Chronicle

Piles of pumpkin seeds sat on the tables outside of the Behavioral and Social Sciences Building on HSU’s campus Friday Oct. 18.  From 5 to 7 p.m., the psychology department held a pumpkin carving contest.

Marylou Mendez, 19, a psychology major and a member of the social committee for the Psychology Club and Psi Chi, (the psychology honor society), assisted in the organization of the event.

“Our major goal was to fund raise for the Psychology Club in order to appreciate our professors and to get everyone in the psychology major to hang out together,” Mendez said. At the event, a few members of the psychology department sold pumpkins for $2 to $5. Others were carving at the tables outside of the BSS and getting to know each other.The pumpkins were donated by Christie’s Pumpkin Patch in Blue Lake. The winners of the pumpkin carving contest received ribbons, goodie bags full of candy, and other festive items, such as Halloween pencils and stickers.

Mendez also talked about her organization and how they collaborate.

“I organized this with my committee of people and we all collectively decided to do a pumpkin carving contest,” Mendez said. “There is no social committee chair because we don’t believe in hierarchies as they are oppressive.” For being a group of open-minded psychology majors, this group of young adults can certainly get their hands dirty. Almost everyone had stringy, sticky orange goo consisting of pumpkin innards from their hands to their elbows.

“It’s always nice when people from the same major come together and have fun,” Marizza Lucio, 18, a psychology major who assisted Mendez in the event planning, said. “Because although we may all be different, we have the commonality of our major that allows us to enjoy each other’s company.”
Other students and faculty showed up to either participate, buy a pumpkin, or just observe the festivities.
 “It was really great getting together with a bunch of college students to carve some pumpkins,” Stacey Longtin Horton, 19, a kinesiology major who attended the event, said. “I haven’t carved a pumpkin in years so it was a lot of fun! It really started the Halloween season off to a good start.”

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