Are HSU students safe?

By Trevor Roe

Many people have gone through intensifying situations, but one situation that has been engraved in 21-year-old HSU student Sarah Wilber’s limbic system was the witnessing of physical abuse between two transient members.

“I was driving southbound on the 101, onto the exit of Samoa, and I witnessed a horrifying beating of one transient to another in the middle of the road, ” Wilber said. “I definitely felt threatened, luckily I was in my car.”

Wilber exited around the bend, with a view within the headlights focused on two darkened figures. The two figures crouched in an animalistic fashion coming clearer into vision as two individual men. One man on his hands and knees crawling to get away, the other striking his spinal cavity with brute force of a close handed fist. Covered in blood, with only a part of his light blue t-shirt intact the crawling man was slowly trying to escape from the agony. As she stopped with the headlights beaming over the male’s savage beating, he scurried off into the rubbish that laid beyond the road.

“I could not shake the vision of what I had just seen,” Wilber said. “As I drove away, the image of these two men replayed in my head again and again.”

This hasn’t been the only occurrence to put an HSU student in danger this semester.

Two members of the Humboldt State football team were reportedly stabbed early morning of Sep. 29, according to a press release by the Arcata Police Department. A fight broke at a post game party on the 1500 block of Stromberg held by members of the HSU football team when the two HSU students were then stabbed. The identities of the suspects are still unknown.

Julius “J.J.” Evans and Christopher Norman have now been released from Mad River Hospital and are in stable condition. Although in stable condition, the morning of Sep. 29 has forever changed both the victims lives. Evans an HSU Linebacker can never play football again and has returned to his hometown for safety concerns.

“I thought he punched me in the gut, then about fifteen seconds later I realized I was bleeding,” Evans said. “In the car ride I became really light headed and kept going in and out. Luckily I have friends who acted quickly and got me to the hospital.”

Evans’ knife injury punctured his small intestine and nicked an artery that resulted in a loss of about half his blood volume. Evans is considered fortunate to be alive according to Mad River health specialists.

This sort of news has even HSU toughest students questioning if Humboldt county is a safe area to attend college.

Shane Ontiveros, a 30-year-old HSU film major and former Marine, grew up in L.A. and claims he has no problem walking around in Los Angeles’s roughest areas.

“I kinda think twice about where I go out here in Arcata though,” Ontiveros said. “I’m here for school and then I’m out of here. It isn’t safe.”

Hopefully these occurrences raise awareness of HSU students and incidents like this don’t happen again.

According to sources the suspects attend the College of the Redwoods. If anyone has knowledge of the situation please contact Arcata Police Department detective Chris Ortega. He can be reached at (707) 822-2428.


2 thoughts on “Are HSU students safe?

  1. Lazy journalism. Why would a former marine from Los Angeles be afraid to walk around Arcata? Because 2 football players were stabbed at a house party? Or was it because 2 transients were fighting in the street. Statistics, police reports, interviews. No facts, no attribution, nothing to go on.

  2. I beat a 19 year old Marine in a bench press competition at the boot camp in San Diego. He approached me and said that he lost because he was so young. I was 45 at the time.

    Yes. You and me both can become a victims of violent crime in Arcata. Even a former Marine from LA

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