Gambling for the holidays in Vegas

By Zirui Dang
Flapjack Chronicle

Casinos are the most common attractions in Las Vegas. During this thanksgiving break, people from all over the world get together here and play gambling games. Many people say they play games just for fun. Others think they can get extra money from the games.

Parker Stewart, a father of two from Seattle, said this is his third time here in Vegas.

“Every thanksgiving break, I would like to come here with my family,” Parker said. “The warm weather here is comfortable. On the other hand, I feel relaxed doing some gambling things.”

“I live in Vegas, and I go to casino three or four times a month,” Kellivan Delmoel, a bank staff in Vegas, said. “I prefer going there during break because there are so many people that I can make some new friends with.”

Las Vegas also attracts people from other countries who like to go there and join in the exciting games. Hei Jin, a costume designer from Korean, said this is her first time to come to Vegas with her boyfriend.

   “I know the casinos in Vegas are so famous,” she said. “I am really happy I can come here this break and experience the awesome atmosphere here. Hope I can win some money from the games.”

According to Vegas Convention and Visitor Authority, in 2012, there were nearly 40 million visitors to Vegas. Most of the players enjoy their holiday and play the gambling games for fun, so they only gamble on machines. You can use one quarter for a game. Others would like to get on the table and play with dealers, or sit in the front of the TV and play the horse-betting games.

Less than half of visitors just go sightseeing in the casinos and see other people gambling. They would not like to put money into the games.

“I cannot do that because I am worried about losing money,” Cody Casey, a student from California. He thinks gambling is not a correct thing for him. “Because I don’t have the ability to earn money yet.”

A few people believe they can win money from the gambling. Every casino has the special ATM for people withdrawing money. In the Venetian Resort casino, a BMW-Z4 shows up as the biggest award for every gamblers.

“Today is my lucky date,” a business man from New York named Louis Stull. He is withdrawing lots of money from an ATM, said. “Though I lost money several minutes ago, but I know I can get them back soon, even the Z4!”


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