Students balk at 20-hour limit for on-campus jobs

By Louis Ramirez

Most students find it really convenient to find a job that is on-campus but when students at HSU are hired for any on-campus employment position they are limited to work no more then 20 hours per week, even if they can handle working more hours.  This policy isn’t only in place for HSU students but it is in place for all of the universities in the California State University system; and for many students this still leads to same place in which they are not fully financially stable.

Toby Garduno, 19, a housing and dining worker at HSU, understands the logic behind it but feels like he can handle more hours.

“For the 20 hour limit my understanding is that the reason they hold students to that is one because of studies.” Garduno said. “They want you to focus on school and two because I’m sure they don’t want to pay insurance which I understand.  It allows more students total to be working, but personally if the limit wasn’t there I can definitely do more then twenty hours a week. Even with a full course work load I’d even be willing to work weekends.”

Gary R. Pike, a Ph.D recipient and a professor at Indiana University, talks about the effects that working has on student grades.

“Working more than 20 hours a week has a negative impact on students’ grades, whether the employment is on campus or off.” Pike said. “Students who work 20 hours or less, on campus and off, report roughly similar grades as do students who do not work at all.”

Students for the most part live near or on campus and most off-campus jobs are located in the nearby city of Eureka.  That makes working on campus the most convenient place to work at for most students.

Isak Brayfindley, 20, works for the I.T Help Desk and he finds it hard to be financially stable by the being limited in the number of hours he can work.

“I really dislike the fact that there’s a 20-hour limit for working on campus.” Brayfindley said. “It’s just something the hinders what I can buy throughout the month and how I can survive the semester.”

Brayfindley continues by stating why it’s hard to find a job off-campus.

“If I’m living on campus it’s harder to get a job off-campus because where I point my resources to stay and be.” Brayfindley said. “It’s more convenient for me as a student to be on-campus for work.  If they don’t offer more hours on-campus it just sort of screws me over because I have all this extra time leftover in which I’d rather be making more money.”

Students at HSU seem to dislike the policy but It seems like as long as this policy is in place, students at HSU will continue to work only 20 hours a week for any job on-campus.


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