Getting heart pumping is good for your brain

By Ian Cochran
Flapjack Chronicle

The sweat drips down your forehead, your heart is pounding, and you feel the blood pumping through your body and you feel alert. But you don’t feel just alert, you feel alive.

You may be asking, what are all these feelings from? Well that would be a simple answer, exercise. Exercise is an outlet for many things for people. It can range from relieving stress to relaxing or even be a way for people to be in social situations with other people.

Megan Eiras, an employee at HealthSPORT Arcata, who works with a wide range of individuals and families, said that she could not stress enough how important exercise is to people.

“I think that exercise scientifically has many viable benefits,” said Eiras. “Including that being active and eating healthy can cure and prevent many chronic diseases, and maintain overall well being and health. Exercise not only provides physical strength, but is proven to be a mental strengthener and stress reliever.”

“Exercise not only provides physical strength, but is proven to be a mental strengthener and stress reliever,” said Erias.  So wouldn’t it seem obvious that college students need to exercise at least a little to not only strengthen their minds but also use exercise as a stress reliever? It would seem that a lot of students would be exercising then if it helped relieve stress among other things. Unfortunately students sometimes don’t make room for exercise.

Caleb French, a 22-year-old wildlife major at Humboldt State University, find that he has to plan more time that he has into his schedule if he wanted to exercise.

“I don’t really exercise because I would have to make time for it and I don’t have the drive to work it into my schedule,” said French.

“Exercise can also be a social outlet,” said Erias. “At the gym, people are in group classes and working out with their friends-it builds community and relationships.”

Kallie Sorenson, a 20-year-old biology student at Humboldt State University, said she finds less motivation when she exercises by herself.

“I find that sometimes I have a lack of motivation to do anything but sleep,” said Sorenson. “It also depends if I have other things on my mind and my motivation to exercise can also depend on the situation that I am in. I find that I enjoy exercising with other people makes it more fun and I don’t tend to think of it as exercise, I just think of it as having fun with my friends.”

Some college students like Sorenson and French say they don’t have the motivation to go exercise by themselves. However, some people enjoy working out and enjoy going by themselves.

Elizabeth LaCoste, a 19-year-old music major at California State University Long Beach, has the motivation to go to the gym for many reasons.

“I go because I like the way it makes me feel,” said LaCoste. “I have more energy and I feel healthier and it’s great for stress relieving. I not only have so much more energy the rest of the day but I feel happy and better as well. I know that it’s healthy for me in the long run as well.”


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