Healthful food options lacking at HSU

By Katelyn Roudebush
Flapjack Chronicle

Humboldt State University, a school known for its healthier food options, still lacks full satisfaction from students. HSU’s campus which contains several different eateries offers a variety of different food options, strives to give its students healthy items for all vegan, vegetarian and meat diets.  However, some students still feel that Humboldt could improve their range of fresh vegetables making them more available and accessible.

Becky Moreno, 18, a freshman marine biology major, believes that HSU tries to satisfy all students but does not try hard enough.

“I think that HSU does try to provide healthy food because almost everything is organic but I think they could try better to give students more of a variety,” Moreno said.

Moreno said she struggles to maintain a healthy diet and she is not the only college student to face such challenges.

Taylor Roberts, 18, freshman biology major at HSU, is one of the many students like Moreno that struggles with healthy food choices. Roberts who lives in the Cypress housing has access to a kitchen which she shares with 6 other students which ideally would make it easier for her to provide herself with healthy home cooked meals. Roberts, however, is still a college student with a college budget using only the j-point system for purchasing her food.

The j-point system at HSU allows students to spend said points on all eateries on campus including the Market Place which sells grocery store food items including fresh vegetables. Even so, students like Roberts make the decision to buy frozen food items instead.

“I cook frozen food all the way,” Roberts admitted. “I don’t get veggies because they don’t last long so by the time I get to cooking them they have gone bad.”

Other students like Chey Arroyo, 18, a freshman economics major are vegetarians and rely mainly on fresh vegetables to supplement their diet along  with non meat dishes. HSU fortunately tries to cater to such students by providing a couple of vegetarian dishes in every eatery available on campus.

“The vegetarian dishes are accessible,” Arroyo said, “but they are not very good.”

Arroyo, is not the only student who feels this way toward the different vegetarian dishes and overall food choices that HSU provides. When asked what she would personally change in the eateries on campus Arroyo responded with a list of suggestions.

“I would bring better vegetarian options, better tofu, and provide a wider range of fruits and vegetables like plums and edamame,” Arroyo said.

Humboldt State University’s campus provides a range of eateries but still has a while to go before all students are completely satisfied by the university’s options.


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