Plan more early in the semester, stress less later

By Caitlin Mitchell 🙂
Flapjack Chronicle 

Late night study sessions, a lack of sleep, and a vending machine diet often characterize the middle and end of the semester.  However, there are plenty of ways students can better prepare for the oncoming term that will help them out in the time when the library is full and the coffee pot is low.

Samantha Rippetoe, a lead mentor in the Retention through Academic Mentoring Program, works with first year freshman to insure their academic success at HSU.  Helping the students plan for their college career is a large part of the program.  Rippetoe explained that the aspects of the program are extremely useful for these new to college students but that they have also helped her as a senior.

“Don’t procrastinate–plan,” Rippetoe said. “It’s much easier to tackle a stressful semester if you know ahead of time when the road is going to get bumpy.”

To plan out one’s term, Rippetoe suggests printing out the “semester on a page” option that the Learning Center offers.  The calendar has the entire semester on one sheet with important deadlines already on there such as the last day to add or drop classes.

Along with the Learning Center, another viable resource on campus is the Career Center.  Loren Collins, an adviser for the Career Center, advocates for students to take full advantage of all the campus has to offer, including the staff and faculty.

“Start dialogue early and make connections,” Collins said.  “Start networking and planning for the future, because it will be here before you know it.”

Talk of the future may be daunting to some, but the Career Center provides help with all facets of professional development and is equipped with friendly staff eager to help in any way they can.  The center is open Monday through Friday from 8-5 p.m. and offers help in anything from  its career and volunteer expo to how to prepare for such an event. 

Even with all the wonderful resources on campus, stress can still get the best of people.  To help combat this, Humboldt State opened a new Health and Wellness Center in 2013 which helps students not only prevent stress in the future, but also work through the times when the stress has already added up.  As stated on the center’s website, “The Recreation and Wellness Center (RWC) encourages campus interaction and enhances the Hum- boldt experience through dynamic, inclusive recreation, fitness and wellness programs which promote healthy lifestyles, social development and leadership skills necessary for student success.”

Joshua Weingarten, a kinesiology major and  intern for the Health and Wellness Center, advises people to make a schedule whenever possible.  On the schedule, Weingarten further suggests working recreation into one’s day as it can alleviate one’s mind and boost one’s mood.

“Exercise releases endorphins which make you happy,” Weingarten said.  “And on top of that, getting active can be a great way to either give your brain a rest or give a fresh outlook to an assignment you’ve been too close to.”


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