HSU students sip from Mason jars

By Jazmine Mendoza
Flapjack Chronicle

They were purposed to contain preservatives but now contain fusion water, or simply delicious apple juice or zesty spaghetti sauce. But it doesn’t stop there, you can catch this hot trending item as a centerpiece at your friend’s country wedding. The Mason jar has made its comeback with so many other usages than just storage and is storming Northern California.

With the recent ban on plastic bottles on several campuses around the United States to promote eco-friendly environments many are turning to reusable bottles.  With many makes and designs to fit everyone’s needs and wants reusable bottles can cost you a good penny.

But at Humboldt State University you don’t see as many plastic bottles as you would think. Instead you’ll catch students with Mason jars in line at the coffee shop waiting to get their morning fix or you’ll see others with hydrating themselves with water. Zoology major Celene Lopez at HSU observes the difference of usage from Southern Calif. where she’s from onto campus.

“I think it’s a trend here because people are more aware about the environment and are concerned about it,” Lopez said. “[They] don’t worry about being cool but about actually recycling and what’s best for the environment.”

Many students who were asked said  they would not spend no more than $10 for a plastic bottle. While going from class to class, it is common for someone to constantly be losing their water bottle. It is not worth it to be losing  a reusable Klean Kanteen for $25 when a 12-pack of wide mouth jars costs $12.

Ace hardware store sales associate Ashley Anderson witnesses the amount of people who come by the stores purchasing the Mason jars.

“The age group that I notice the most is 17 to 20-year-olds who come in at least once a day mostly buying one or two single jars,” said Anderson. “I even used the jars when I was in high school because they are so versatile and I don’t see this trend ending unless the company was to stop making them.”

Surprisingly jars are also being found more in major cities like Los Angeles. As you walk into a TGI Fridays you’ll surely be greeted at the table with your classy drink in a Mason jar.  The jars are also often used a coffee shops.

In Arcata, Couple Cups sales associate Anteinett Fernandez said that the restaurant provides Mason jars for sale.

“It allows customers a reusable cup/ option to have an easy to-go-to cup,” she said. “It has a lid and they are cheap. Plus they’re multi-purpose and people prefer glass over plastic.”

Accessories can now be found for the jars such as coffee lids and lids that have been re-purposed with straws for the convenience. Now it’s possible to purchase your jar in any size, shape or color depending on what one may desire.


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